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Samsung’s AirDresser, the innovative appliance available now in Qatar

Samsung Gulf Electronics is calling on consumers across Qatar to look no further than the brand’s next-generation AirDresser for laundry purposes, the innovative product available now across the country. Samsung has always appreciated the importance of keeping clothes fresh, and the AirDresser marks the beginning of a new era for refreshing styles and sanitizing clothing – eliminating 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, 100 percent of house mites, and 99 percent of odor-causing gases and other harmful substances.

“At Samsung, we always aim to empower our consumers by introducing products that make life easier. Clothing care at home is a common activity that is traditionally time consuming but no longer a concern thanks to our AirDresser,” said Burcin Arabul, Director of Home Appliances at Samsung Gulf Electronics. “This innovative product is our response to consumer demands for a laundry appliance capable of providing a more dynamic performance. The AirDresser makes sure clothes are in pristine condition at all times, keeping every item fresh and free of germs and odor. We are delighted that customers across the country can now benefit from the AirDresser and spend more time doing the things they like and love the most.”

With the AirDresser, consumers across Qatar can refresh their style and revitalize their clothing without washing or giving it for dry cleaning often. The appliance is a breath of fresh air in clothing care, and the innovative concept has been brought to life with several next-generation features.

Remove dust with Jet Air

Nobody wants dust on their clothes, and this is a scenario that will never happen with the AirDresser. Using the Jet Air system and Air Hangers, all dust particles are removed quickly and quietly, with powerful bursts of air blown upwards and downwards in the closet. Any dust is loosened and removed, while the product also creates less vibration and noise. AirDresser’s JetSteam function uses a powerful Jet Air system to infuse high-temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes – meaning ironing is no longer an issue as the appliance takes care of the wrinkles and creases and time saved can be concentrated on more important things.

Sanitize your clothes like never before

Today, awareness about the importance of sanitization is a particular high point. As previously mentioned, the AirDresser removes 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria and 100 percent of house mites. JetSteam plays a key role in the sanitization process, but another important feature is the deodorizing filter, which also captures and removes odor-causing gases on clothes and prevents them building up. Together, this winning combination comprehensively sanitizes every item – meaning clothes stay refreshed at all times.

Dry clothes gently and evenly

With the AirDresser, clothes are dried gently at a low temperature with HeatPump Drying technology. Clothes have always been prone to damage and shrinking while in dryers. However, the upper JetAir and lower HeatPump drastically improve internal air circulation and dry all items evenly. What’s more, fewer wrinkles and far less ironing is guaranteed with the Wrinkle Care function, which combines steam and air to relax and smooth out creases to refresh your style – removing 100 percent of wrinkles from woolen clothing and 80 percent of wrinkles from rayon clothing. Clothes no longer need to be cleaned via a laundry service because the AirDresser’s features provide peace of mind and handle dry cleaning and sanitization.

Take clothes out of the cabinet in pristine condition

Clothes not used for long periods often need cleaning as they go stale while in storage. Thanks to Self Clean technology, hygiene and cleanliness is maintained inside the cabinet as it simultaneously dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the space, ensuring clothes emerge from cabinet in pristine condition to refresh your style. Detergents are no longer necessary as the AirDresser combines heat, air, and steam – notifying you when it needs cleaning after 40 cycles.

Protect your clothes for a refreshing look

Many of us take great pride in our appearance and looking after our clothing items – particularly our favorites! With our AirDresser, you can preserve their condition by making sure your room has an optimal environment, without an extra dehumidifier. When the door is open, the Dehumidification function draws in air from the room, extracts moisture, and expels dry air. It ensures that all clothes are protected in ideal conditions – refreshing your style with less humidity.

Smart Things connectivity for ease of use

Enjoy the benefits of AI-powered clothing care and maintenance with Smart Things, which enhances performance through user data. ‘Care Recipe’ suggests the best cycles, ‘My Closet’ recommends courses for your clothes, ‘Special Course’ lets you access common and specialist cycles, and ‘Home Care’ enables troubleshooting.

Samsung has a proud history of presenting consumers with innovative products and this is something reflected in the brand's latest proposition. The AirDresser is available for purchase at Samsung brand shop and TBQ Showroom in Qatar for QAR 5,999.

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