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Saudi German Clinics - Experts agree on these Must-dos for Healthy Summer Skin

Saudi German Clinic’s specialist dermatologist mentions maintaining overall hygiene as one of many must-dos in tackling summer heat

Harmful UV rays are at their peak during summer. They are bad for living organisms, damaging human eyes and skin among other things. They are the agents of premature ageing. Experts often warn people to take necessary precautions especially during the summer months because the damages are often long-lasting. However, we can combat the effects of radiation and live a healthier life with a little extra care. A few simple changes in your everyday skincare regimen can set you on the path to healthy glowing skin throughout the season. The following simple tips from Dr. Piyu Naik, Specialist Dermatologist at Saudi German Clinic Jumeirah, will help you do just that.

1. Water. It can’t be stressed enough. Making sure you consume sufficient amount of water

every day is key to staying balanced all summer. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily to

stay hydrated and flush out toxins that could cause breakouts or other skin issues.

2. Cleansing. Most people experience increased acne and breakouts during this time of the

year. Wash your face with a safe cleanser two or three times a day or as often as needed to

make sure you keep your face free of dust, sweat and oil buildup.

3. Moisturise. Cleaning your face often strips the skin of essential oils, so hydrating your skin

with a light moisturizer becomes necessary. It helps lock in moisture for a lasting effect.

People with skin types ranging from dry to normal should consider using water-based

moisturizers and for those with oily skin, gel-based moisturizes works best.

4. SPF, SPF, SPF. A quality sunscreen lotion will protect skin from harmful UV rays when

venturing out into the sun. A lotion with minimum SPF of 30 is recommended and must be

applied 15 to 20 minutes before exposure.

5. Maintain good hygiene. Overall hygiene can go a long way in tackling summer woes.

Bathing twice a day and wearing loose cotton clothes will help you feel fresh and reduce

summer lethargy. It also helps to keep bad odor at bay.

6. Foods that cool. Choose to eat healthy and keep your body cool with seasonal fruits,

water-filled vegetables, yogurt, and the like.

7. Protect the eyes. The sun’s rays are harshest between 12 pm and 4 pm during the summer

months. If you have to be out and about, make sure you have your UV blocking sunnies on.

8. Create a custom care routine with the dermatologist. Your dermatologist can suggest the

right cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens for your skin type to ensure better protection.

The Saudi German Clinic offers a full spectrum of services to patients of all ages and provides comprehensive and continuing health care for the whole family. For more information, visit and to book your appointment, contact 04 389 0002.



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