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SCANDAL Les Parfums The new intensities


You know this hot couple. He is the boxing champion, king of the ring. She is the ultimate diva with a killer punch. Both KO’d by desire. Already palpable, today the tension is mounting further. No one can channel the alchemy that unites this pair. Two bodies seek out and find each other, there is an impact, a shock wave, right in front of our eyes. Welcome to the scandal of infinite sex appeal, that of SCANDAL Les Parfums!


The guy is played by Parker Van Noord, the boxer that mirrors the Gaultier DNA, whose devastating beauty will floor you. Muscles of velvet, made for loving. The girl is played by Imaan Hammam, the knockout, joyful diva, so typically Gaultier: completely irreverent, she could not care less what anyone thinks of her. Parker and Imaan, king, and queen of the sexiest ring in the world.


Le Parfum: multifaceted and dressed in a red lacquer, it almost looks like it is vibrating, moving, curved in just the right places, like a dome of desire. Its cap is a pair of legs in the air, the legs of a diva revelling in a sensual addiction. SCANDAL Pour Homme Le Parfum: well-built, broad, and dark as a night full of promise. Its cap claims victory, it is a crown for the only sovereign thing in the world: desire.


Le Parfum: in vermilion velvet. Tall, torrid and proud like a fleeting look that turns everything upside down. The pair of legs are like a coat of arms that you can spot immediately. It is emblazoned with SCANDAL in pink letters. For a sensational entrance. SCANDAL Pour Homme Le Parfum: in Ruby velvet. The hand settles on it for instant full contact. It directly arouses the senses. The engraved crown is the seal of victory. SCANDAL, triumphant in gold letters, announces the show of the century.


A fragrance that plays a game. A game of seduction. A Gaultier game! SCANDAL Le Parfum: By Daphné Bukey, Ane Ayo, and Fabrice Pellerin. An erotic millefeuille which starts with the tantalizing sparkle of mandarin, moving on to the stubbornness of jasmine and culminating in salted caramel scents. In a word, addictive. SCANDAL Pour Homme Le Parfum: By Quentin Bisch, Nathalie GraciaCetto, and Christophe Reynaud. Mandarin is struck by a geranium uppercut, brown caramel leaves you drooling while Tonka bean nurtures an irresistible infatuation. A Narcotic.


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