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UAE’S first fragrance manufacturer invites perfume fanatics to enter the fall season with more than just a jacket

Swiss Arabian, UAE’s first fragrance house embraces the fall season with their top five picks to celebrate the cooler months. As the temperature drops, Swiss Arabian recommends opting for scents that are warm, earthy and full of character.

Marking the season with richer concentrations and multi-facetted scents, the leading fragrance house invites customers to gravitate towards heavier selections with woody, spicy, and leather elements to omit a cozy-like feel and identify with the regions most active time of year. Whether you’re going for a walk or sitting by the desert fire with friends and family, Swiss Arabian recommends the below fragrances for another layer to enhance your fall/winter outfit:

1. Sawalef - Black Rose: Black Rose is a unisex woody floral ideal for daytime with top notes of saffron, juniper berries and grapefruit, followed by leather, violet and rose at the heart. The fragrance leaves a memorable trail with base notes of raspberry, vetiver and cashmere.

2. Sawalef – Anaqa: is a unisex fragrance of mossy woods that is the perfect scent for a special evening. Anaqa opens with Turkish rose followed by a middle note of earthy patchouli with an alluring amber base note.

3. WAAW – Hayaam: Perfect for fall, Hayaam, translates to adoration is a fragrance that combines dazzling citrus and warm earthy ingredients like warm Irish clove, leather, and woody amber.

4. WAAW – Wajd: Meaning passionate love, is a fragrance with fruity, floral, amber notes. The scent was created to induce the feeling of deep passion with ingredients such as Turkish rose, red apples, and patchouli.

5. WAAW - Ishq: Meaning the powerful form of love, Ishq is a fragrance that represents timelessness of true love with a burst of warm black pepper and spicy saffron. The scent later depletes and diffuses notes of roses and smooth leather.

For more information, drop a note to or call +971 6-577-4451.


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