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Inkman, a young Tunisian calligraphy artist, was invited by Guerlain to create the adornment of its iconic Bee Bottle. Inspired by Le Songe de la Reine, an exclusive fragrance offered in the one-liter flacon, this jeweller’s son has imagined an adornment that is both poetic and spectacular, between sculpture and calligraphy.

“Calligraphy is the language of the soul. We feel emotions before understanding the letters. It is a portal to a magical world.” - Inkman

In a bold artwork that weaves stylized Arabic characters with Guerlain’s “G”, Inkman has turned the emotion of the scent into a visual poem. To craft this exceptional piece, made to measure for each bottle, the House has called on the legendary Parisian jeweller Goossens, a symbol of French savoir-faire. The vibrant, luminous, and deep Eau de Parfum composed by Guerlain Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser carries us off to the threshold of the East. Le Songe de la Reine, an exclusive composition, draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean world where the cultures of East and West have met for millennia.

An olfactory and aesthetic masterpiece limited to 26 pieces worldwide, Inkman for Guerlain is art in the service of art.


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