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Practical, convenient and effective – Beautifect is revolutionizing the world of beauty tools and accessories with its innovative products. Beautifect makes everyday skincare and makeup routines more enjoyable and efficient, and these three products will make summer-travelling even more enjoyable:

Beautifect Silk Eye Mask

Travelling can be tiring, and good sleep is the basis of any beauty routine. Get the best beauty sleep with the luxurious Beautifect Silk Eye Mask created with 100% pure Mulberry Silk. The Beautifect Silk Eye Mask gently protects delicate skin and is specially filled with luxury black-out padding which effectively blocks out unwanted light for the ultimate undisturbed beauty slumber.

Beautifect Brushes

Beautifect has created a brush set that includes every tool one needs for a flawless application. The brushes are densely filled with soft, premium quality vegan bristles to seamlessly apply and blend all formulas. The length has been ergonomically designed to fit neatly in the hand without taking up too much space in the luggage. Shorter length and weighted ends make this the ideal travel set without compromising on quality.

Beautifect Box

The Beautifect Box is the brainchild of Beautifect and the must-have portable beauty vanity for women on the go. Designed to hold all your beauty essentials in one place, the Beautifect Box is more than just a practical storage. With a glass mirror and powerful luminous system, the innovative Beautifect Box offers five different lighting environments at the touch of a button. A single charge can last up to 4 weeks, and is more than enough for everyday use during the summer holiday.


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