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The Swarovski Crystal Worlds Store, a Window to Crystalline Brilliance

The store is home to many mesmerizing displays including the Frozen Landscape and The Globe

The store in the garden of the Giant at Swarovski Crystal Worlds delights visitors with its unique design and a wide range of marvellous souvenirs, products and displays.

Visitors first enter the Swarovski Crystal Worlds store through a pathway embedded with fascinating lights and sound installations designed by Snøhetta of Norway.

The store’s design winds around naturally like the flow of a river. Shadowing this riverine landscape from atop is the spectacular “The Starry Mosaic Sky” by Bisazza, a glittering starry sky made from shiny black mosaic tiles. To create a striking contrast, the landscape is of white display cases and elements made from fine woods, and the targeted lighting creates a charmingly variant mood.

One of the most recent displays in the store is the “Frozen Landscape” made by Dutch set designer Marcel Van Doorn. Because the previous year has forced us all to stay put and focus on our immediate surroundings, Marcel was inspired by his environment to create a nostalgic winter fantasy that takes visitors back to the cold winter nights from childhood memories.

The “Frozen Landscape” stage displays various elements on a frosty landscape each telling its own unique story. Those include a magical gingerbread house of ice and snow, which is based on the Swarovski family’s villa built in 1907, and a wishing tree surrounded by winter wildlife.

Another magical piece displayed in the store is “The Globe” created by designer duo Studio Job by integrating silver nickel plated polyester, Indian rosewood and Swarovski crystals. The sphere that was originally designed as a chandelier for Swarovski Crystal Worlds weighs about 1,000kg, has a diameter of 175cm and is adorned with half a million Swarovski crystals.

The store includes many other displays that are bound to awe guests, as well as exclusive products and souvenirs. Swarovski Crystal Worlds has reopened on the 25th of January, and it’s time to visit and enjoy its many charms.

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