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The World’s Most Luxurious and Unique Spa Experience Awaits at Velaa Private Island

A pearl of an island in the Maldivian archipelago may just be home to the world’s most unique and luxurious spa experience, with ‘million dollars’ facials and ultra-luxe Dr Burgener skincare

Velaa Private Island is renowned as an island oasis of chic style and incomparable opulence, tucked away in the Maldives’ pristine Noonu Atoll amid the Indian Ocean. Cosseting residences and innovative dining are just the start of what awaits, as Velaa Spa puts this island resort on a level beyond luxury with some of the world’s most exclusive spa treatments. From expert facials and body treatments to ultra-high-end products, the pioneering spa treatments here leave guests feeling and looking totally renewed. Here are just a few treatments for a spa holiday unlike anywhere else in the world.

Dr Burgener Switzerland Products

Created by beauty rejuvenation expert Dr Pauline Burgener, Dr Burgener Switzerland products combine the virtues of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge Swiss technologies for a unique and holistic beauty and wellness concept. These scientific yet natural products are created in small batches to allow for full customization, freshness, and purity, and offer a holistic beauty regimen across a wide collection of serums, creams, masks, toners and more.

Collagen Firming Facial with the Ultrasound and Cavitation Peel

These two treatments are the perfect complement to each other. First, the Collagen Firming Facial stimulates skin from the inside out using ultrasound waves to boost natural collagen and elastin production. Dr Burgener Switzerland’s Intense Lift Collagen Cream is then paired with a powerful rejuvenating collagen mask for a firmer, smoother, and more uniform complexion. This is enhanced by the Ultrasound and Cavitation Peel, which boosts collagen and elastin production even further, making even the dullest skin radiant and plump.

Million Dollar Man Facial

Using Dr Burgener Switzerland’s Bamboo Clarifying Exfoliating Skin Scrub for a deep cleansing, the skin is then treated to an application of green caviar with antioxidant-rich gold trace elements while ultrasound waves repair and rejuvenate. A relaxing face massage to stimulate circulation and promote skin tone completes the treatment.

HIFU Body Sculpting

This is a non-surgical treatment that uses the latest ultrasound technology to target subcutaneous fat tissue. High-frequency waves create thermal energy that breaks down fat cells while tightening the skin around treatment areas, such as the lower leg, upper arm, abdomen, flanks, and thighs.

InBody 770 – Body Composition Analysis

In just 30 minutes discover extensive data on your body composition with the research-grade InBody 770. Your water levels, fat and muscle mass will be measured to be reviewed within a medical, wellness or fitness context.

Visit for more information on Velaa Spa and its menu of treatments.

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