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Tiziana Terenzi Launches Nautical Inspired Fragrance Collection, Sea Stars

Exploring the precious treasures and lost beauties of the sea

Italian luxury fragrance and lifestyle brand Tiziani Terenzi launches its latest collection, Sea Stars. Paying homage to the nose, Paolo Terenzi, and his love for sailing, the collection features five scents; Cubia, Telea, Orza, Poggia and Atlantide. Each creation embodies various aspects of the perfumer’s passion while seeking the mysterious treasures hidden beneath the ocean.

An olfactory narrative, the Sea Stars Collection uncovers the secrets of the endless, wondrous deep blue. Each scent explores limitless freedom and eternal energy that revitalises the soul. The carefully curated compositions feature some of the most exquisite natural raw materials, a signature of the brand.


Telea is named after the creator’s boat and opens with a sweet Sicilian orange and Bulgarian rose scent before revealing richer notes of musk and Cambodian wood. (100 ml / 2,099 AED)


Cubia, an opulent and fruity scent featuring amber and musk, enveloping the wearer with a feeling of refuge, just like the painted ‘cubia’ eyes protect the vessels of the sea. This beautiful fragrance opens up with a blend of Sorrento lemon, bergamot and Brazilian orange, flowing unto hints of white and yellow peach with notes of patchouli and sandalwood. (100 ml / 2,099 AED)


Orza is reminiscent of an island, with its lush greens and fruit. Nature’s bounty is unveiled within a fragrance that opens on a floral bed of Bulgarian rose and lily to finally rest on sweet and elegant notes of musk, vanilla and caramel. (100 ml / 2,099 AED)


Poggia is the wayfarer’s companion, carefree and young with bergamot and blood orange notes leading to a burst of floral scents. The complex, yet exquisite hints of musk, vanilla and ambergris make it a sensational and unique sillage. (100 ml / 2,099 AED)


Named after the mysterious Atlantis, Atlantide is a warm fragrance recalling childhood memories spent by the ocean. It opens with sparkling Calabrian bergamot and the most expensive Absolute of Tuberose used in perfumery, progressing unto the heart of narcissus. A sensual experience, unmatched in the Italian niche fragrance tradition. (100 ml / 2,935 AED)

As with all Tiziana Terenzi fragrances, the Sea Stars Collection scents are ‘Extraits de Parfums’ and count no less than 30% concentration of pure oil, one of the highest standards in the industry. Captivating the essence of luxury, the scents are bottled in the shape of a golden starfish with a 24K gold finish, signifying treasures from the inverted azure. The naturesque concoction combines quality and luxury, to provide a long-lasting, opulent sillage that leaves the wearer with confidence like none other.

The Sea Stars collection is available at the Tiziana Terenzi boutique in Perfumery & Co, The Dubai Mall.


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