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Trendy, Long-lasting and Damage Free Dipping Enhancements Introduced at Nails Salons in Qatar

The long-lasting ‘Dipping’ nail enhancement services that are massively trending on social media worldwide have now arrived at ‘Nails’ salons in Qatar.

Nails has introduced three ‘dipping’ services at its Ezdan The Pearl , Salwa road branch and Royal Plaza salons and its operations in the Jean-Louis David salons at North Gate, the Crowne Plaza and the Four Seasons.

‘Dipping’ has shot to popularity because it does not use UV/LED lamps for nails to ‘set’ so speeds up manicures, it air-dries to a polished, acrylic-look shine without damaging the nails and delivers a strong, durable result that prevents chipping but is lighter and gentler on the nails. Dipping powder rivals gel and acrylic manicures for longevity and versatility and is something of a happy medium between the two.

‘Dipping’ is a treatment where a special base coat is brushed onto the natural nail, much like nail varnish, then the nails are ‘dipped’ into a cosmetic-grade coloured powder to polish, strength and colour in one go. The Dip Powder provides an extra layer of protection to prevent further breakage and allow the natural nail to grow without fear of breaking.

Nails clients can opt for three dipping services, with a choice of 24 shades. They are: dipping powder for natural nails; dipping powder with enhancement or a dipping powder application. They will also benefit from the vitamin and calcium enriched dipping powders Nails uses, which are much finer than traditional acrylic, and Nails’ use of glazes base coats glazes rather than synthetic polymers.


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