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Valmont launches Luminosity Skincare Range

When you are living a mile a minute, dashing between business meetings, an intense family life and all-nighters, the skin needs help to stay fresh. The right routine becomes a must: it makes up for a frenetic lifestyle and the occasional slip in the look-after-yourself department.

Luminosity is a straightforward product line, easy to use and decisively modern for a bright, dazzling complexion. These miracle treatments smooth the skin as never before, amplifying diffusion of light for a sparkling glow. Beauty concentrates with an airy, refreshing feel to them, Luminosity formulas contain the best in alpine nature that Switzerland has to offer.

The product line features four positively addictive textures: LumiPeel, a rich exfoliating fluid; LumiMask a creamy skin renovating mask; LumiSence a pore refining serum water with lightning-fast penetration; and LumiCream, the sublimating cream for a finish like a second skin.

« Luminosity could be called the skincare version of a selfie touch-up! I designed this product line as a concentrate of Swiss nature that would reinvent the skin’s glow while blending in perfectly with Valmont’s signature technical expertise.

I created it with a specific audience in mind: the new generation of women, who reconcile their passion for the technologies they have grown up with and with their deeply rooted thirst for nature.

A young woman in absolute harmony with her environment and herself. Unlike previous generations, she refuses to hide behind layers of makeup. Aware that truly embracing her skin without artifice calls for an immaculate approach to beauty care, she has built a routine in her image. Minimalist but effective, and of course rich in sensory pleasure! With four Luminosity products featuring four heavenly textures, I present to all these women the gift of sublime skin, free of filters! » Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont.


Swiss Phyto-Complex

The best of Switzerland’s alpine nature, the Swiss Phyto-Complex is made up of seven plants that grow at various altitudes, a green gift that makes for phenomenal potency. Perfectly preserved parcels ranging from 800 to 1,500 meters, fresh mountain air and pristine glacier water offer the ideal conditions for these plants to prosper and develop high volumes of active ingredients. From organic and sustainable agricultural practices to painstaking manual harvesting, not to mention delicate extraction by means of organic solvents, the Swiss Phyto-Complex is a genuine burst of radiance.


Roots of Light

Two types of white mulberry extracts were selected for Luminosity. The ancestral secret behind Japanese women’s immaculate complexion, white mulberry has been prized since Antiquity for its incomparable effectiveness. An extract of conventionally cultivated soil-based roots imbues the complexion with newfound purity, while an extract of aeroponically grown roots offers even more potency and a higher concentration of coveted active ingredients.


Luminosity of Ice

An original Valmont creation, Luminosity Of Ice refines the skin’s texture and calls forth the glow of a unified complexion. Three essential phases yield instantly visible results: Complete cleansing through a succession of makeup removal, purifying and exfoliating modelling gestures. Complexion enhancement, amplified by a massage rooted in facial reflexology (performed with a product reserved exclusively for expert beauticians); and the iconic Regenerating Mask Treatment collagen veil.

Finally, the finishing touches leave nothing to chance, perfecting the skin’s glow from top to tip. Sixty minutes of intense sensory pleasure set to the soothing resonance of the Swiss mountains, as well as therapeutic sound frequencies composed as part of an exclusive partnership with Swiss musician Ripperton. Immerse yourself in the augmented treatment experience by Valmont.


New Skin Exfoliating Fluid

Born from the latest generation of active exfoliants, LumiPeel is the new daily treatment ally for a flawless complexion.

This gentle peeling lotion offers sensory pleasure without sacrificing effectiveness! Exfoliant PHAs work together with papaya and prickly pear enzymes to resurface and refine the skin’s texture. Meanwhile, the Swiss Phyto-Complex and the white mulberry remedy imperfections in the complexion.

Applied in the morning and at night, its rich liquid texture makes for a dazzling glow from the very first weeks of use.


Skin Flash Renovator

Velvety and enveloping, this rich cream mask injects a much-needed dose of radiance into dull complexions.

Its high concentration of glycolic acid, further strengthened by the action of papaya enzymes, exfoliates the skin to reveal softness and light.

Recommended as a weekly procedure for a guaranteed “baby skin” effect!

LUMISENCE Light Expert Pore Refiner

Don’t be fooled by its delicate watery texture! LumiSence is the very embodiment of effectiveness.

Formulated as a serum water, this daily treatment is steeped in light-centered expertise. It acts with absolute precision on the number of visible pores and revives the natural mechanisms behind the skin’s glow.

The brilliant combination of the Swiss Phyto-Complex, white mulberry extracts, a pore refiner concentrate and Valmont’s star ingredient, Triple DNA. A true miracle treatment!

LUMICREAM Instant Healthy Glow Cream

A veritable complexion enhancement treatment applied as a second skin, LumiCream beautifies any face.

Featuring a subtle mother-of-pearl sheen thanks to its soft-focus pigments, this cream imbues the skin with an instant luster while its potent ingredients work their magic deep down.

The effects of the Swiss Phyto-Complex and mulberry are heightened by ginseng root to energize the complexion.


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