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VARU by Atmosphere supports the Government of Maldives

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts working alongside with Ministry of Tourism Maldives

VARU by Atmosphere, the recently opened fifth resort of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, will be used as a location to station government teams and increase nationwide efforts against COVID-19 from today.

Health and security measures have been increased by The Maldives Health Protection agency to combat and minimize the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the country. 

Strict measures have been implemented for both the travel sector and the local population along with new initiatives coming from the Maldives Ministry of Tourism. 

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts will be contributing to the Government of Maldives by offering one of the five operating resorts to the Ministry of Tourism. 

All guests travelling to VARU by Atmosphere from now and until further notification will be relocated to one of the Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts sister properties. 

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts wishes to continue to practice the Joy of Giving by giving back to our Maldivian community and play our part in helping each other overcome this difficult time.


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