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VHERNIER is an Italian jewelry brand that draws its inspiration from modern and contemporary art. The brand was founded in 1984 with the vocation to create jewels that are brave, new, and unusual. From the beginning it has committed to its passion for the exploration of form, matter and color, and based its research and identity on the finest characteristics stemming from the legacy of Italian art. VHERNIER’s creations have come to be recognized and appreciated for their use of bold volumes and color. Each piece is an entirely unique item, crafted by hand by highly skilled artisans in the workshops located in Valenza, Italy.

Pirouette ring in rose 18K gold

Minimalist and avant-garde, the Pirouette ring is a VHERNIER icon. The domed and slanted band follows the shape of the fingers: this jewel is a perfect example of the identity of the brand, according to which less is more and must be combined with an extraordinary element that will “make all the difference”. Revolutionary since it made its debut and renowned in the rose gold version, Pirouette has been reinterpreted in numerous versions.

Pirouette ring in 18K white gold and black diamonds

An exquisite version of the Pirouette comes in a full pavé of white or black diamonds; each stone extensively sourced to meet highest standards in terms of cut, color and purity.

With outstanding precision, VHERNIER artisans set the diamonds with only two prongs, limiting the amount of metal visible between one stone and the other. This procedure takes countless hours of work but creates an endless stream of diamonds that are exceptionally brilliant.

Pirouette ring in rose 18K gold and diamonds

Often known for defying the norm, VHERNIER offers a version of thePirouette ring in rose gold with a discreet edge of pavé of white diamonds, which allows for a bold yet understated look.

Pirouette rings in 18K rose gold and jet

In an alternate version of the Pirouette ring, the warmth of rose gold is combined with the coolness of white kogolong to create a light and fresh jewel. In striking contrast, the ring is also offered in rose gold and black jet. In the pursuit of geometric shape and dimension, both Pirouette rings utilize a sophisticated mix of unique materials set in the ever classic yet playful tone of rose gold.

Pirouette rings in 18K rose gold and kogolong

Simple, sophisticated and courageous, Pirouette, which was received with great astonishment when it was launched in 1990, has become the emblem of VHERNIER’s prodigious capacity for invention and the non-conformist side of the brand.


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