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Calla, Vhernier’s most emblematic line, is evolving once more. Having already become slimmer and more curved in order

to embrace wrists, fingers and ear lobes, all while retaining its distinctive shape, it is now lighting up with Eyeliner pavé.

The latest masterpiece of craftsmanship from Vhernier, Eyeliner pavé is a reimagining of the diamond setting. The result of an incredibly complex procedure, it features a sensual surface with large and small stones nestled together in a seemingly random pattern for a breathtaking effect. The gold shapes, which achieve their colour through an innovative rhodium- plating technique, complement the stones wonderfully to create a smooth, unique piece with not a single rough edge. The collection, which includes bracelets, rings and earrings, comes in two versions: one with white diamonds, and one with stunning brown diamonds.

Vhernier interprets contemporary jewellery like no other. Since it was founded, Vhernier has challenged the conventional codes of traditional jewellery design and created its own. Characterised by simplified shapes, soft curves, bold dimensions and ergonomic construction, its style is instantly recognisable and mirrors the love for sculpture, architecture and contemporary art, all filtered through the rigorous yet understated spirit of Milan.

Distinguished by extensive experimentation with unusual materials which are paired with the most stunning diamonds, wonderful gemstones or mirror shine gold, Vhernier jewellery stands apart from trends, and that is why it is always current. Hand-made in Italy, where the brand was founded in 1984, it is famous for its superb craftsmanship and flawless quality.

For images, shooting requests and further information for the media: VHERNIER - Alessio Guidelli - Ph. + 39 02 54122297 -



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