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W Doha to Take Audiences on a Timeless Journey in ‘The State of You’ Art Exhibition

W Doha Hotel & Residences is set to host a unique and thrilling art exhibition titled “The State of You” by the multidisciplinary Qatari designer, Aisha Nasser Al Sowaidi’, at ART29. The exhibition will take visitors and art lovers on a sensory voyage as they get to discover, and experience seven worlds made of unique art installations. Each unit of the installations releases scented smoke to create an augmented moment of complete isolation that takes a person to another state, a state of his own. The opening reception for the showing was held on October 26th at 7 pm and will remain open to the public until November 26th from 10 am until 10 pm daily. 

‘The State of You’ explores Aisha’s unique vision as she explores the concepts of tradition and globalization in the ever-changing and always evolving Qatar. Inspired by childhood memories, her work incorporates old experiences and behaviors with contemporary design and manipulates the altered memory into functional objects. Her designs incorporate emotional significance and deal with memory, nostalgia, and traces of time.

Commenting on her exhibition, Aisha Nasser Al Sowaidi said: “I am excited to showcase my work here at Art 29, this is a great opportunity to tell my story and share my memories with the local community. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact and be at one with the installations which use contrasting elements to represent the past and the present with a sensory twist.”

General Manager of W Doha, Wassim Daaje said, “Through providing a platform of self-expression, Art 29 is not only showcasing the country’s growing based of talented artists, but it is also helping them expand their reach, tell their stories and inspire the next generation of inspiring talents. We’re looking forward to showcasing Aisha’s work and we invite everyone in the community as well as visitors to the hotel to experience this timeless journey that the exhibition offers”.

Aisha Nasser Al Sowaidi holds an MFA in Design Studies and a BA in Graphic Design. In 2016, she was part of the Fire Station’s first Artist in Residence exhibition. She represented Qatar in some of the world’s leading design exhibitions including Qatar Germany 2017 and the prestigious London Design Biennale in 2018.

Art 29 is an exciting platform that presents the works of up and coming local, regional and international artists. It provides them with a space to showcase their work and aspirations to the community.


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