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Purity Retreats support guests on their journey towards holistic wellness and spiritual purification during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the region’s largest holistic wellness resort and the world's first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM), is pleased to announce the launch of its specially curated Purity Retreat to support guests on their journey towards holistic wellness and spiritual purification during the Holy Month of Ramadan from the 2nd April till the of 2nd May 2022.

Zulal’s philosophy rests on the pillars of mind, body, and soul and its Purity Retreat provides an opportunity for making positive change through a tailored wellness program with a month focused on fasting, devotion, and reflection. Ramadan is also a time to reflect on one’s lifestyle choices, and this Holy Month offers an excellent opportunity for working towards wellness goals and internalising healthy habits to become long-term lifestyle choices.

The Purity Retreat is aligned with the three phases of the Holy Month, each lasting 10 days. Guests can choose from a 10-night, 20-night, or a full 30-night retreat. Each retreat includes accommodation, daily treatments, low impact activities, a special meal plan, a TAIM consultation, and special activity workshops. The retreat programme seamlessly incorporates prayer times and religious duties during Ramadan.

The first ten days of Ramadan are considered the days of Mercy. It is a time to reflect on the body as a blessing and caring for it accordingly. Purity’s Mercy Retreat is all about cleansing. During this phase, physiological changes that enhance the body’s cleansing functions start to manifest.

The second 10 days are considered the days of Forgiveness. Purity’s Forgiveness Retreat focuses on healthy physical and mental habits. During this phase, the positive habits initiated during the first phase are sustained bringing forth positive changes in the body and mind.

The last 10 days of the Holy Month are described as days of Protection. During these last 10 days of fasting, the body’s immunity is improved, and its antioxidant activity is increased, the result is a strong, lighter body ready to protect itself from disease and stress.

Zulal’s Purity Retreat programme can be enjoyed as a solitary retreat or a group retreat with family or friends.

Dedicated to multi-generational families, Zulal’s Ramadan Family programme is centred around connection, for Ramadan is a family affair that brings people together. Activities are designed to create shared experiences that strengthen bonds while enjoying family-centric activities and meals for a memorable Ramadan experience – especially for children fasting for the first time. In the spirit of giving and sharing joy, each guest receives a welcome pack full of Ramadan specialties and TAIM products for their stay.

The Wellness Chef at Zulal and his team understand that Iftar is a very special meal after a long day of fasting and have planned healthy delightful treats for Purity residents. Special meal offerings range from TAIM inspired iftars, mindful suhoors, gut-healing meals, and special meals for children fasting for the first time.

Zulal Purity also offers free public online workshops on a range of Ramadan health and wellness topics such as mindful eating, sleep, and fasting for little ones. The program is available on the Resort’s social media channels.

Purity Retreats can help you add wellness to your resolution as

For further information, please visit website or follow @zulalwellnessresort on facebook or Instagram. To send enquiries, please contact Zulal team at


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