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Zulal Wellness Resort introduces its unique family wellness concept as part of its holistic wellness

Zulal is the first-of-its-kind holistic path to wellness based on

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, Qatar's largest wellness resort and the world's first to blend Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and holistic wellness, brings a unique concept to its offering with Family Wellness. The resort's Health & Wellness Director Sandie Johannessen, a seasoned wellness professional, having collaborated with the most luxurious spas worldwide, explains the concept of Family Wellness, aiming to attract families from around the globe to Zulal Wellness Resort.

Zulal's “Family Wellness” philosophy is based on the belief that individual wellness is intricately linked to fulfilling family life and the ability to build meaningful relationships. While this ability is natural to all human beings, it can also be enhanced via special activities, practices, and the right mindset, ultimately increasing the sense of belonging and feeling of self-worth.

Ms. Sandie Johannessen, Health and Wellness Director at Zulal Wellness Resort, said: "Family wellness is a multi-layered concept based on six dimensions – social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellness – all playing equally important roles in maintaining a healthy balance in a family as a whole and individually. In line with the holistic approach adopted by the resort, Family Wellness combines practices aimed at taking care of the body, the mind, and the spirit".

A crucial part of a family's mental health, intellectual wellness can be boosted by practicing creative and mentally stimulating activities that trigger excitement and curiosity in children and their parents. Zulal's Family Wellness Center, Discovery Oasis, has been designed in collaboration with the Worldwide Kids from UK and is set to be the focal point for learning activities elaborated to suit all ages starting from 0 to 17. The edutainment program has been categorized as hedgehogs for ages 0-3, foxes for age group 4-8,falcon for age group 9 – 12, and oryx for ages 13-17. Each programs have a variety of activities in health and wellness that includes, agility, balance, craniosacral therapy, Reiki and many more.

Ms. Joelle El Khoury, Child and Family Specialist, said: "We are committed to preserving the value of family and raising happy and healthy younger generations. At Zulal, we encourage families to learn together, adopt healthy lifestyle habits and have fun in a setting specifically designed to favor family bonding, and by offering tailor-made programs to help family members forge better relationships".

To enhance the physical wellbeing of the family unit and its members, Zulal features a myriad of activities that can be practiced in groups and by individual families, including fitness and yoga classes, guided walks, and tours to explore the local nature and a multitude of holistic treatments such as Reiki, Abhyanga, Craniosacral, Hijama, Shiroabhyanga, Shirodhara and many more. Special attention is also given to nutrition, as Zulal offers diverse wellness cuisine options suited for individual needs.

Executive Chef Indrajit Saha at Zulal Wellness Resort said: "Eating together is fundamental for family bonding and communication. Moreover, it is easier to adopt healthy habits and follow the right eating patterns in a group, especially surrounded by loved ones. Zulal Discovery offers family cooking classes, and dining table activities so families can take home with them not only a memory but a bond that will continue to grow in wellness. Our philosophy is nurture sustainability in our values with the right nourishment”.

Zulal Wellness Resort provides the right environment and setting for each family member to find their inner balance and strengthen emotional balance. Meditation, mindfulness, holistic therapies, Tai Chi, or breathing meditation can be practiced individually and as a family, benefiting everyone's morale and state of peace. Zulal family wellness and edutainment experts are also trained to provide parents with guidance in achieving emotional wellness for children through adopting appropriate daily routines, practicing meditation, journaling, and creative activities.

"The purpose of Family Wellness at Zulal Wellness Resort is to help families achieve a long-lasting result, providing tools and guidance that can serve a family and each member in their daily routines. Blending edutainment with holistic wellness practices, sports, and creative activities, Zulal offers a space for families to reconnect, helping parents to raise well-balanced individuals with a realistic and positive sense of self", concluded Ms. Sandie Johannessen.

Zulal Wellness Resort's commitment to enhance family wellness and its focus on sustainability align with Qatar National Vision 2030 and its social and environmental development goals. By inspiring the community with positive and sustainable lifestyle changes and boosting family wellness, Zulal Wellness Resort contributes to the implementation of Qatar National Vision, helping to meet the needs of current and future generations.

In collaboration with Chiva-Som, Zulal Wellness Resort is Msheireb Properties' latest sustainable development initiative and the first of its kind Wellness Resort in the Middle East region in Qatar.

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