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The Serenity Beauty Retreat will help guests replenish their inner beauty with the help of five different packages

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the region’s largest holistic wellness resort and the world's first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM), announced the launch of its new, signature Serenity Beauty Retreat, aimed at supporting guests to rediscover and renew themselves and bring out their inner glow.

Zulal Wellness Resort’s Serenity Beauty Retreat is based on the resort’s philosophy which adopts a complete approach to beauty where physical appearance reflects the deeper levels of the mind, body, and soul and where we work on inner and outer aesthetic appearance in the belief that feeling good goes hand with looking good. A comprehensive approach to physical and mental health can ultimately result in healthier radiant skin.

The retreats offer an initial consultation where the guests will receive thorough skin assessment by expert dermatologists of Zulal’s resident dermatologist, Dr. Mohamed Lasheen. Dr. Lasheen, with his extensive expertise, will select the most suitable skincare treatments and packages for guests to obtain their optimum healthy radiant skin.

The retreat includes an in-depth health and wellness consultation, followed by a host of Zulal’s revolutionary treatments, including Jetpeel, Bioplasma, Spectra XT, Candela, and others. The treatments are complimented by bespoke daily wellness cuisine meals that nourish from within and access to Zulal’s services and amenities, all to truly help guests immerse themselves in the experience and achieve optimum goals.

Commenting on the rejuvenation and healthy skin retreat, Ms. Sandie Johannessen, Director of Health and Wellness at Zulal Wellness Resort, said: “We are happy to introduce this specially curated experience for our guests as the latest addition to our extensive wellness treatments and retreats here at Zulal. While outward glowing beauty is a goal for many of us, the true work happens deep in our body and mind and then translates to our hair and skin. A healthy body radiates a charming inner glow, and our team is happy to assist our guests towards becoming happier and more beautiful inside out.”

The new retreat, comes in 3-night, 5-night, 7-night, 10-night, and 14-night packages, and combines treatments and services from Zulal’s Serenity menu.

For further information or reservations, please contact the Zulal team at or call +974 4477 6500.


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