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Zulal Wellness Resort Welcomes Movement & Posture Expert and Educator Ivana Daniell in January 2022

Tapping into the expertise of the world-renowned health advisors, Zulal Wellness Resort will enhance its wellness offer for in-house guests throughout 2022 with the launch of its unique Visiting Practitioners Programme

Having created an effective holistic long-term relief from chronic back pain and muscular-skeletal damage, health and wellness expert Ivana Daniell is residing in Zulal this month

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the region’s largest wellness resort, and the world's first to feature Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and holistic wellness, is happy to announce the kick-off of its exclusive practitioners-in-residence programme for 2022.

Set to take place throughout the whole year, the programme is aimed at offering all Zulal guests an opportunity to benefit from the skills and knowledge of the most acclaimed health experts from around the world, having collaborated with leading wellness resorts, health clinics, and famous personalities.

This month, Zulal is hosting eminent author and educator, and health and wellness practitioner Ivana Daniell, famous for her work on movement as key to muscular and bone health, as well as overall wellness. Ivana created the revolutionary BODY ID method, based on many years of professional experience in dance, Intelligent Movement, Movement Therapy and observations of the human body. Proven to be effective for long-term relief from chronic back pain and muscular-skeletal damage, the method offers a personalized smart approach to fitness through a holistic technique taking into account a person’s lifestyle, physical characteristics and mindful wellbeing.

Graduated in Movement Therapy and Movement Education from the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, Ivana owned and directed a Pilates and Rehabilitation studio in the leading Camden medical center in Singapore, advised world-class wellness resorts, and currently manages her own exclusive practice in London. Ivana’s work and personal experience helped her to forge a pioneering approach to movement and body that encapsulates the latest clinical research in exercise, posture and movement re-education, while bridging the gap between medical technique and fitness.

“Starting my career as a dancer, I suffered a severe injury that led to a debilitating back pain. My own experience helped me to start reflecting on the vital connection between health and movement, and new ways of ensuring physical fitness. My work is aimed at offering a balanced approach to movement, a pathway to a long and healthy livelihood. I am excited to collaborate with Zulal Wellness Resort and share my method with the guests and Qatar community”, said Ivana Daniell, an esteemed wellness advisor.

Ivana’s book, A Manual for a Contemporary Body, hails from a Movement and Posture expert, whose mission it is to educate and guide people to make the right choices concerning their bodies and choosing specific activities or exercise programmes. To learn more about Ivana and her book, visit

“We are honoured to host Ivana at Zulal Wellness Resort as we believe that her innovative method and health expertise will greatly benefit our guests, making their wellness experience at Zulal even more exclusive. We are looking forward to collaborating with top wellness advisors from around the world throughout the year, delivering on our commitment to become the number one heath and wellness hub in Qatar and the Middle East”, said Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort.

The resort will host health and wellness practitioners specialized in meditation and mindfulness, massage, energy healing and non-invasive energy practices, sound healing therapy, manual therapy, and more. Guests will be able to attend personal and group consultations and therapeutic sessions by the world-acclaimed advisors, deepening their understanding of connections between the Mind, the Body and the Spirit for the successful start of a life-long holistic wellness journey. To learn more about the upcoming practitioners and their inspiring biographies, visit

Zulal Wellness Resort is managed by Chiva-Som, a globally acclaimed pioneer in wellness and lifestyle transformation with 26 years’ experience honed at its flagship resort in Hua Hin, Thailand.

To book and learn more, visit our website at You can also contact us at or +974 44776500


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