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Chinese New Year Menu available from 24 January to 8 February 2020

The award-winning restaurant, Hakkasan Doha, will celebrate the Chinese New Year on 24 January with an exclusive menu available until 8 February, featuring a range of special dishes designed to reflect good health and fortune for the year ahead. 

In Chinese tradition, the colour red represents luck, this will be embedded into the Chinese New Year theme at Hakkasan Doha, through red wishing ribbons that will be present for guests to write their wishes for the year ahead. Another important symbol for Chinese New Year is the traditional lucky knot. The Chinese knot symbolises good luck and a prosperous life, the lucky knot will be highlighted on the red wishing ribbons. 

The set menu showcases the impressive culinary skills of the Hakkasan chefs, with each dish being a colourful representation of different elements of the Chinese New Year calendar. Standout dishes from the menu include the Golden treasure pockets filled with abalone and wild mushrooms, crafted to resemble a money bag to reflect wealth; and the Diver scallops with taro mousseline and brown butter black bean sauce. In China scallops symbolise new opportunities, making them a firm favourite during Chinese New Year.  

To complete the culinary journey through the Chinese New Year, Hakkasan presents the Lucky Jie dessert, designed as a lucky Chinese knot for good fortune in the year ahead. The Lucky Jie combines salted caramel ganache with mandarin, chili and chocolate for an unforgettable sweet finish to the meal. 

Chinese New Year is an eagerly anticipated festival at Hakkasan Doha, with the chance to showcase a new, limited-time only menu with a range of dishes that represent the tradition and meaning behind the festival. This year Hakkasan Doha will offer its set menu along with a beautifully decorated interior to give guests an immersive experience into the Chinese culture. 

Paul Doubt, General Manager Hakkasan Doha, said: “For Chinese New Year, we are excited to showcase this exclusive set menu to our guests. Chinese New Year is one of the most important dates in our diary and we are proud to share the Chinese traditions and cultures with Qatar. Our chefs and staff always look forward to this period and love to showcase their culinary skills along with our unrivaled dining experience.”

The Chinese New Year set menu is available at Hakkasan for QAR 388 per person, for a minimum of two guests.

Situated in the luxurious grounds of The St. Regis Doha Hotel, Hakkasan offers exclusive dining areas, with indoor seating and an outdoor terrace as well as a private dining room and secluded bar, and the Ling Ling lounge, ideally suited for celebrating Chinese New Year.


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