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ABOUT 1309

1309 is a Qatar-based ready-to-wear label, presenting collections inspired by, and in celebration of women. Established in 2015, the brand is grounded in a ‘contemporary bohemian’ aesthetic, established by Founder and Creative Director of the brand, Ghada Al Subaey.

At the heart of 1309 is a minimalist, feminine aesthetic, merging seasonal trends with a design perspective informed by the brand’s Qatari roots. Clean silhouettes, bold colour, artful prints and carefully considered detail are hallmarks of the brand. Drawing inspiration from art, nature, and global culture, 1309 combines designs that embody fluidity and elegance with a contemporary edge; a refined statement that celebrates the multi-faceted and versatile nature of women.

1309 is well known for a signature aesthetic, which is often lauded for seasonal signature prints, created in collaboration with Arab artists. Appearing throughout both the brands read-to-wear and skourti collections, these signature prints are a hallmark of the brand, making each collection a collectable ‘work of art’ in its own right.

1309 Ready-To-Wear and Abaya collections are available to purchase at

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