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Business Woman by AFRAA

Spring/Summer 2021

Afraa Bio Description:

Afraa Al-Noaimi, a female Executive and Entrepreneur, she is the founder of “Afraa” a women’s Qatari luxury brand, she launched in 2019. Her love for fashion has driven her to design styles that are both professional and fashion forward for the young business woman. Afraa stands for empowering woman and communicating the mix of professionalism with elegance in the region through her brand. Throughout every design, specializing in abayas, accessories and home goods, Afraa not only empowers women but she strives to advocate the struggles that women in the region face on a daily – She has instilled a deep love for supporting women in the Arab world, and ensures a percentage of the brand proceeds go to different causes for the women in the region.

Style/Design Description:

Spring/Summer 21’

Titled - ‘The Vibrant Business Woman’

Exclusive Abaya, throw-over pieces, providing timeless high-end looks for the ultimate daring and feminine woman.

Each piece has a bold pop of color abayas, and loose silhouettes. Expressing each detail with a contrast color, and experimental cuts. The thought behind this seasons collection is a vibrant, joyful business woman on the go. The textiles used are 100% linen, cotton and silks ensuring comfort throughout each piece.

Behind The Scenes/ Featuring:

CEO/Founder: Afraa Alnoaimi

Photographer: David Sierra @davidsierra_

Model: Komarova Olga @komarovaolga

Stylist/Curator: Lauren Morell @lorenaammichelle

Collabs: Gucci

Location: Gucci and Msheireb Downtown

#AFRAA #AfraaAlNoaimi #Issue6 #DunesIssue6


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