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AKILLIS - New Collection Capture Me

Under the sign of love

The new AKILLIS collection is a continuation of the design and innovation of the House founded 10 years ago.

Somewhere between seduction, provocation and edginess, AKILLIS brings jewellery out of the box to truly reflect the vivaciousness of life. Forget hearts and flowers, because here designer Caroline Gaspard breaks with all jewellery norms to evoke love in a different, modern and refreshingly innovative way. AKILLIS bites into the creation and dedicates itself fully to design. Its voracious passion for diamond and graphic lines is illustrated brilliantly in this new collection.

Look no further than Capture Me stunningly original triangular design motif that evokes everything from shark teeth to saw teeth or even a wolf trap. You decide on the backdrop of your fantasy. Here seductive geometric designs offer a modern take on love, complete with its complexities, intensity and desire. Far from being sentimental, this design serves up a shiver of the forbidden when worn against the skin.

As ever, Caroline Gaspard’s fiercely modern, edgy-inspired imagination pushes design trends to the limits, all the while cultivating mystery and emotion.

Capturing the spirit of the time, this collection points towards temptation, disrupting the jewellery world’s norms to forge a new lexicon of love that is stripped of embellishment.You can forget figurative motifs with these fashionable, yet timeless designs.

This singularly universal collection is available in a selection of masculine and feminine designs white gold, pink gold or Titanium and diamond bracelets and bands that can be paired together in way that marries the future and offers a true edgy celebration of romance.

Consider it a striking foray into jewellery design, complete with perfect settings that showcase strengthen the purity of diamonds and the string design with their triangular motifs.

The Capture Me collection provokes desire, instant and unwavering emotion for jewellery and love at first sight.

An assertive blend

Throughout her designs, Caroline Gaspard delivers a new stylistic approach to possession, taking classic shapes and toughening them with triangular shapes that pulse with daring sensual graphic power that doesn’t discriminate according to gender.

Filled with bracelets and bands that are designed for both men and women, the collection forges a carnal collusion between the masculine and the feminine.

This collection, with its rebellious style, entices a host of different ways to wear jewellery that enable the wearer to distinguish themselves and their style.

Set with diamonds, full gold or titanium, the bracelets’ two sides play off the notion of two sides of love, with one offering a reflection all that is flamboyant and the other remaining visible to the wearer themselves. For men, diamonds or full gold offer up an ever-changing style that can adapt with every movement or outfit change to stylishly embrace the present.

As each piece submits itself to the present, stylistic appeal comes from movement. Meanwhile, flawlessly gleaming white or pink gold, sparkling diamond magnetism and raw titanium reveal Caroline Gaspard’s matchless creativity as subtle asymmetry plays with subversive style for the peak of chic jewellery.

Characterful ring

Avant-garde in design, the Capture Me ring embodies modernity to bring new meaning to seduction. Designed to be worn in a host of different ways that break with everyday habit, this ring invites multiple looks. Reversed curved lines and shapes create numerous different effects and attitudes, such as carefree edginess when worn on the index finger. Diamonds set in the centre or more subtly to the side, only add the piece’s charm in a way that attracts attention and gives any look an exquisite hint of an edgy attitude.

As ever, painstaking attention to detail dominates. Covered in diamonds, worn with a central diamond, down towards the palm or towards the phalanx or on the side, the ring arouses curiosity and causes addiction. Its strong identity magnetizes the gaze and it is easy to fall into its trap.

There is no question of hiding behind a bland attitude as this ring with its irreverent style awakens the bad girl in all of us.

Beauty in movement

Under Caroline Gaspard’s leadership, AKILLIS freely explores new design possibilities in a way that disrupts established design codes and allows the imagination to run free. Capture Me’s rings and bracelets invite spontaneity. From women’s gold bands, full and half paved with diamonds designs, movement triumphs and defines each and every one of these eye-catching pieces.

Meanwhile, each and every bracelet becomes an unexpected revelation as two sides join to create one positive equation. Shapes diverge,alternate and align both with and without set diamonds so that when stacked, difference creates a new type of harmony. With Capture Me, bold becomes the material of emotion and its form the ideal way to express it.

Exceptional expertise

Along with incredible know-how and traditional jewellery expertise, AKILLIS also boasts an incredibly innovative side.

Design risks also impact the complex way in which this new collection is crafted. After all, it is thanks to her highly skilled, forward-thinking teams that Caroline Gaspard can make her jewellery dreams a reality. Just look to the truly contemporary finishing touches found in AKILLIS’ pieces as evidence. Where few jewellery makers dare to take on the challenge of paved Titanium, that AKILLIS commits to. It pushes the limits of technique to release virtuosity of black diamonds and Titanium. It establishes a dialogue between the expertise of fine jewellery, the presence of selected high quality diamonds and the ease of wear.


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