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French jeweler takes off and flies with new collection Spread Your Wings, an ode to freedom.

Fifteen new winged pieces : ultra-graphic single and double rings, an earcuff and earrings.

True to its off-beat and Rock DNA, Akillis imagined a design at once pure and sophisticated. These brand-new models feature aerial and minimalist wings that lightly caress the ears and fingers.

In these pieces colored stones, Amethysts, Tsavorites and Blue London Topazes, cut to form precious triangles, meld with honed, curving feathers paved with white diamonds. A half-angel, half-devil look for two-toned femininity!

Irresistibly sensual creations

The double rings and the earcuff offer a meticulously aerial ergonomic design developed by craftsmen in the Akillis’ workshop. Their slender and supremely feminine aesthetic exhibits such sheer lightness that it is easy to forget you are wearing them.

The double rings can be worn alone or together with a single ring model. They delicately adorn the hand, giving the fingers an air of elongated grace, and seem to be about to fly away. The various designs in triangular fine stones, reminiscent of as many species of birds, exalt these wings, set throughout with white diamonds.

The earcuff model, sold as a single piece, perfectly envelops the auricle. It is mounted on a flexible white gold stem from which sprout sleek wings, while plumage on the back of the lobe further intensifies their mysterious presence.

An earring featuring a pair of stunningly glamorous wings offers yet another alternative, conjuring images of a stirring murmuration... Perhaps a romantic invitation to fly off together? The creations can be worn alone - or not. Dare to savor the utterly addictive asymmetry of a formation flight!



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