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Aubade Announces its First-Ever Exclusive Collaboration with Jewelry Designer Marie Lichtenberg

Marie Lichtenberg designs an exquisite ‘One Love, One Heart’ locket necklace exclusively for Aubade boutiques in Dubai and Kuwait

Aubade is pleased to launch an exclusive locket designed and crafted by Marie Lichtenberg, specifically for Aubade’s stores in Dubai and Kuwait in early December. The ‘One Love, One Heart’ locket, which will be limited in quantity with only 10 pieces in Dubai and 10 pieces in Kuwait, is a handmade extraordinary tale of craftsmanship adorned with precious stones and a sentimental universal phrase.

Lichtenberg’s strong belief in the importance of traditions and close emotional ties between families and circles are values that are also deeply rooted in Middle Eastern societies. Marie gives us her thoughts mentioning that “for this exclusive piece I wanted to create a locket that would echo my very first design as a jeweler: the “love you to the moon and back” locket. I worked with this original design as a basis and gave it a twist with a more general message about love and tolerance inspired by the Bob Marley song “one love”. I chose to set the locket with green, yellow, and red sapphires that reflect the colors of Rasta culture.”

Aubade is the only Middle Eastern retailer to carry her collections, with a wider range of extraordinary locket necklaces and bracelets. Together, they have built a fruitful ongoing collaboration bringing life to the never seen before locket, available in stores early December. The partnership reflects a deeply positive and uplifting message, echoing their relationship and appreciation for meaningful and exquisite craftsmanship.

“I’m truly honored that Marie has designed such a beautiful locket exclusively for Aubade. The message resonates deeply with the core culture of the region, capturing the essence of the Arab world. I’m very excited by this launch and hope our clients will love it as much as we do!” said Duha AlRamadhan, Founder of Aubade.


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