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AURA SUNWEAR Unveils Revolutionary UV Shields - Your Ultimate Post-Medical Solution for Sun Protect

Discover Cutting-Edge Sunwear Designed for Unmatched UV Protection, Privacy, and Style

AURA SUNWEAR is thrilled to announce the recent launch of its revolutionary line of UV Shields, a cutting-edge post-medical solution that offers unparalleled sun protection and privacy for people of all ages and lifestyles. Designed with utmost care and rigorously tested for over a year, AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields are recommended by doctors and medical professionals worldwide.

UV exposure has long been identified as the primary cause of premature aging, skin diseases such as cancers, and various eye problems such as cataracts in the long run. AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields have been designed for daily sun protection and especially after undergoing facials, cosmetic treatments, or even surgeries where the skin is most sensitive and at high risk of sun damage.

AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields boast several remarkable features, making them the ultimate accessory post-procedures:

  1. Maximum UV Protection: AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields physically block an impressive 99% of UVA and UVB rays, unlike sunblock alone, which needs to be reapplied regularly and in large quantities in order to get the advertised SPF protection. So for maximum protection it is recommended to wear your sunblock and top it off with your AURA SUNWEAR UV shield.

  1. Chemical-Free Sun Protection: AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields provide a true form of chemical-free sun protection, making them pregnancy-safe, and an ideal alternative for individuals with sensitivity to sunscreen ingredients. This is especially useful directly post-laser and skin procedures when your skin feels too irritated to rub in sunblock creams.

  1. ANSI Z80.3 Certified: AURA SUNWEAR takes product safety and quality very seriously. All the AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields are certified according to ANSI Z80.3 standards, providing you with trustworthy eye and face protection.

  1. Comfort & Visibility: AURA SUNWEAR works very closely with Medical Professionals and Athletes in order to design the perfect products. After rigorous testing and multiple design revisions the AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields offer superior sun protection, glare free visibility as well as comfort no matter the activity of choice post-procedure. From driving in your car, to running errands, or meeting up with your friends, there are 4 unique styles to suit every need and lifestyle.

  1. Privacy Protection: The biggest disadvantage of cosmetic treatments and surgeries is the downtime caused by the redness, swelling and bruising post-procedure. AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields are designed to protect photosensitive skin, but also shield the face from snooping eyes. This reduces the burden of post-procedure downtime, giving you the freedom to resume your day to day life safely from UV damage, and discreetly away from judging eyes.

By combining all these benefits and more, AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields provide a comprehensive solution for all post-procedure needs. AURA SUNWEAR aims to continue to set new standards in the world of sun protection, bridging the gap between medically backed skincare and fashion, offering the world a healthier, happier, and more confident lifestyle.

For more information about AURA SUNWEAR and its revolutionary UV Shields, please visit


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