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I often underline the importance of Balmain’s embrace of inclusion. This house’s celebration of each and every member of our diverse Balmain Army not only reflects how we live today—it also constantly provides us with new, powerful and distinct ways of seeing things.

Each of our many collections has in some way made clear that being open to new voices and visions can only enrich us all. This collection is a perfect example of those rich possibilities and opportunities.

My Men’s Pre-Fall collection celebrates the boldness of modern Japanese design. Anyone who’s ever experienced the intoxicating buzz of Tokyo’s streets—whether in person or via films, photos or music videos—knows that the dazzling neons of Ginza, the imaginative stylings of Harajuku and the vibrancy of Shibuya reflect the distinctive “more is more” spirit that sets today’s Japanese design apart.

That dynamic and singular aesthetic, with its eye-popping palettes, one-of-a-kind graphics, unique illustrations and densely packed layouts, provides an incredible amount of inspiration. My team and I worked to distill that unique style into this collection, placing vivid graphics, bold tones and dense collages of contrasting art and text atop our signature Balmain silhouette.

Of course, this being Balmain, music is woven deeply into the mix. Japan’s singular vision has long fascinated music’s greatest talents, including many of my favorite musicians—from Michael Jackson to David Bowie.

In fact, those were the artists who first introduced me to this compelling style, via their fantastic stage personas and the artistry of some incredible videos. Their music was set on constant replay as my team and I progressed on this collection, and their influence and attitude can be easily noted throughout.

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