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Berluti celebrates summer with Tectona

Berluti has teamed up with Tectona, a French outdoor furniture brand to create a limited edition of summer outdoor pieces celebrating design and artisanal know-how.

With a history spanning 45 years, Tectona is famed for its technique and its focus on minimal design, detail, and durability. Made mainly from teak wood, woven resin or aluminum, its outdoor furniture is as stylish as it is impervious to weather conditions. The brand shares Berluti’s core values in crafting exceptional, high-quality objects that are not only long-lived, but also acquire an alluring natural patina over time, making each of them unique.

Tectona’s quintessential Copacabana line - made from teak and fabric - has been chosen for the collaboration. The joyful, simple, functional essence of the line is underlined by Berluti’s touch: a canvas inspired from the Scritto Arabesque leather goods, revisited as a printed version with a reversed color scheme. The navy Scritto motif is printed over a beige background and completed with a removable headrest covered in elements-resistant leather. A small co-branded metal nameplate adds the finishing touch.

Two different pieces are available: a classic, solid teak deck chair measuring 1m05 x 70cm offering three reclining positions; and a solid teak folding bed measuring 2m10 x 1m that can be easily closed and stowed. Teak is a truly remarkable wood: it does not rot; it is resistant to the vagaries of weather, from droughts to humidity; it can withstand temperature variations and prolonged exposure to sunshine or sea spray.

The limited edition of 60 deck chairs and 23 folding beds will be exclusively available in a selection of 30 Berluti stores worldwide from May. They will also be presented in this season’s pop-up activations in Shanghai (in July) and Seoul (until 31May).

The pieces from the collaboration will complement the Maison’s summer ready-to-wear and leather goods highlights, including printed giant Scritto silk shirts and swimming trunks, the seasonal Arabesque Scritto bags line and the summer footwear, Eden shoes and the Sifnos sandals.


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