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Berluti presents the Drapé

For the Spring 2022 season, Berluti debuts Drapé, a new shoe offering highlighting the Maison’s bootmaker know-how.

Inspired by the depiction of draped fabrics in classic sculptures, paintings, and drawings throughout art history, Drapé centres movement through curvy lines and refined shapes. Materials express themselves as lightly rounded Venezia leather pieces are folded onto themselves and stitched, creating volume play reminiscent of couture draping.

The new technique is applied to Alessandro and Andy, the two foremost iconic models of Berluti’s formal line, Démesure.

A variation on Berluti’s classic Alessandro, Alessandro Drapé is a distinctive eyelet lace-up Oxford made from three layered leather pieces. Each of them is tinted in a subtly contrasting version of the Nero Grigio patina, blending black and grey tones in different proportions to create depth and accentuate the draping technique, with shades becoming lighter near the leather folds.

Andy - the iconic loafer created by Olga Berluti for Andy Warhol in 1962 - explores the Drapé technique in a slightly different way, with the draped leather pieces emphasising the toe cap as well as the heel cap. The chosen colour is Beetle Green, one of Berluti’s Spring 2022 seasonal patinas inspired by nature and fauna. It is also worked as a gradient, with its distinct shades of dark green highlighting the shoe’s winding shapes.

The Drapé shoes line is now available worldwide in Berluti stores.


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