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BOSS celebrates those who chase their dreams with courage and conviction to define their own path. This bold attitude, widely championed in the latest campaign, defines the BOSS brand and will be the center of a new podcast series called Behind the BOSS.

Diving into the lives of extraordinary artists, creators, and athletes, each of the episodes will uncover what drove each guest to become the boss they are today. The episodes will explore the turning points in their journeys to success, inspiring with insights and experiences.

Hosted by London-based culture writer Raven Smith, known for his wit and insights into modern living, each episode will explore the moment that each guest realized their true purpose, the moment that they doubted it all – and the moment they felt like they had finally made it. The turning points that help to define any boss, they’ll provide the motivation and inspiration for our audience to define their own path.

Launched on May 3, 2022, the first three guests include American stylist and TV star Law Roach, metaverse expert and tech futurist Cathy Hackl, and BOSS Global Brand Ambassador, Anthony Joshua.

The podcast is the latest step in the company’s CLAIM 5 growth strategy, which aims to boost the desirability of its brands and turn customers into fans. It will be released bi-weekly, streaming on all major platforms and on BOSS’s own global channels.


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