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Boucheron, free-spirited jeweler

Crossing the threshold of 26 Place Vendôme is like walking into ever-changing identity of today's women? For them, each new creation a family home and indulging in a unique jewelry experience.

Between the warm walls of the newly refurbished Hotel de Nocé unfolds a story of unbridled creativity and tremendous expertise. It was here that, in 1893, Boucheron became the first major contempo- rary jeweler to open a shop in the famous Place Vendôme. It was also here that the tasteful and slightly mad story of a House was written, a House that has always placed women at the heart of its creations. Like the patriarch of a family was Frédéric Boucheron, the son of a clothier who had grown up amidst precious fabrics and the effects of materials.

This early environment made him a very original kind of entrepreneur; his jewelry was always characterized by a couture spirit and Parisian elegance. This creative energy has been maintained and reaffirmed by Boucheron's Chairwoman and CEO, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, and by its Creative Director, Claire Choisne. And who better than two wo- men to promote the emancipated spirit of the Maison and embrace the presents the perfect opportunity to take risks, to challenge and trans- cend the codes of traditional jewelry and offer the women who choose these creations the infinite freedom of making them their own.

That is still the only rule by which this season's creations have to abide: to be able to wear the jewelry in your own way, i.e. any way at all. Take Jack, the bold new line with so many possibilities centered around a precious gold wire inspired by audio cables. With a bit of a revolutionary spirit, Jack is playfully connected and ultra-contemporary, and, as always, re- flects the Maison's expertise and couture virtuosity.

That same spirit is also found in the new 2019 additions to the iconic lines of Quatre, Couture, Serpent Bohème, and the collection of fabulous animals. This free and decidedly Parisian spirit serves an inspired woman, one who is a little playful, always unique and necessarily mistress of her own style.

Claire Choisne brings her fertile imagination and independent spirit to the jewelry. She walks brightly and boldly in the footsteps of Frédéric Bou- cheron, in her turn shaking up the traditional frameworks of jewelry to

give space to a creative freedom shared with all women. First and foremost, the Boucheron style is created by and with women. It's a moment, a mood, a tempera- ment. Nothing is imposed, but everything is allowed: wearing high jewelry with sassy casualness, daring a simple piece for a special occasion, wearing one piece of jewelry as if it were another, or mixing it with another, playing with contrasts, asserting a look or even blurring the lines. The Boucheron style is therefore that of the women of today who take charge of their freedom as much as they create it.


What if Quatre were equal to three? The codes of the iconic Quatre collection have been appropriated and redirected into a playful three-band Radiant

Edition ring. In yellow gold, this monochrome version joins the famous Double Godron ring (a symbol of the love that united Frédéric Boucheron with his wife Gabrielle), with a structured Clou de Paris line (a sculpted echo of the cobblestones of Place Vendôme), and a Grosgrain motif (a nod to Parisian Haute Couture and the Boucheron family's past as clothiers). An ultra-contemporary combination, which, relieved of its diamond ring, leaves a mischievous space between two jewels, while maintaining the beautiful graphic balance of the Quatre collection. Uncompromising and with just a hint of folly.

Serpent bohème

It was in 1968 that the Boucheron workshops produced the Serpent Bohème collection, a sensual evocation of the mesmerizing reptile. Its head a diamond-paved gold drop,

its undulating body chased with gold scales, a delicately twisted chain: its codes soon became iconic and classic. Fifty years later, the Serpent Bohème has broken free and is having some fun. It is taking some liberties and becoming more colorful, but it is still keeping its precious aura of mystery and transgression, beautifying women of character. The collection now incorporates turquoises, lapis lazuli and white mother-of-pearl. The drop comes in every type of gold, in pendant form, bracelets, ear jewelry, even an exquisite head band. It is jewelry for young girls, but also a precious lifetime companion. Sometimes it is a daring mixture of the two, even joining tassel clasps and a carefully worked bracelet. Even the watches are in on it, with a gold bracelet paved with diamonds or mother-of-pearl, or a winking gem snaking around a malachite or lapis lazuli dial. Serpent Bohème has never been so free.


Adoe, a tit, a snake ... there are three new rings in the fabulous bestiary started by the Maison Boucheron in 1858. Collectible animals that seem to come alive before

our eyes, coiled, perched, curled up with loving precision on their mounts. The new arrivals? A doe with black-sapphire eyes fringed with diamonds and a soft muzzle, a diamond-paved snake lovingly wrapped around a rubellite, and a tit, paved with blue and yellow sapphires, sitting lightly on a white gold branch-mount. Three exceptional pieces as unusual as they are appealing, which demonstrate the expertise of the jewelers who have chiseled and polished the stones to give the pieces volume and movement. Benevolent totem, protective talisman, lucky charm ... to each woman the choice of the companion to watch over her and affirm her personality and style with a beating wing or a doe-eyed glance.


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