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Maison Boucheron has further enhanced its Quatre Red Edition collection with the launch of a new Quatre Red tie-necklace.

Quatre Red tie necklace set with 12 diamonds and red hyceram, on white, yellow and pink gold

Thanks to the flexibility of its central motif, which is both a pendant and a clasp, this Quatre Red Edition necklace is very versatile, so it can be worn like a tie or a long necklace or anything in between. Available in a classic version or in dazzling red hyceram, the motif can be moved along the soft yellow gold chain to the point the wearer likes, offering her plenty of freedom in how she wears the necklace.

It was in 2004 that the Maison introduced the Quatre line, with its graphic signature and contemporary character, into the world of Boucheron. It has since become a timeless, unisex icon, its distinctive look and urban elegance being constantly reinvented. Its four rings reproduce Boucheron's architectural codes (Grosgrain, line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris), resulting in creations to suit all moods and that can be worn in any number of combinations: single-layered or multi-layered, sober or dramatic, classic or strikingly unusual. Quatre interprets the DNA of the Maison with a touch of radicalism, combining the inspiration of the first great jeweller of Place Vendôme with the artistry of the gold sculptor. Whether in the form of a ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace, Quatre expresses its contemporary spirit, exploring variations of golds and textures, opening up a horizon of possibilities. Whatever the mood, disposition and inspiration of the moment, Quatre suits every woman, but in her hands and at her touch, it becomes absolutely unique and inspiring.


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