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It was in 2004 that the Maison Boucheron introduced the Quatre line with its graphic signature and contemporary character into its collections. Since then it has become a timeless unisex icon, with its sculptural look and urban elegance being constantly reinvented. Its four rings reproduce Boucheron’s architectural codes (Grosgrain, line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris), resulting in creations to suit all moods and that can be worn in any number of combinations: single-layered or multi-layered, sober or dramatic, classic or strikingly unusual. Quatre interprets the spirit of the Maison with a touch of radicalism, combining the Parisian inspiration of the first great jeweler to have opened a boutique in Place Vendôme with the artistry of the gold sculptor. Classique, Black, White, Radiant and Red, the collection expresses its contemporary spirit, exploring variations of golds, textures and colors. This season, Bleu de Paris is bringing a fresh new look to the graphic motif. With its contemporary echo to the color of jeans, this is a must- have addition to our wardrobe. In fact, this new collection will provide the perfect accessory for every occasion.



After bright white, fiery red and deep brown, it’s now the turn of denim blue to join the signature codes of the Quatre ring. A blue hyceram line has been added to the three strongly structured lines, pink gold, yellow gold and sparkle of diamonds; a matt and contemporary touch that brings out the perfect proportions of this Boucheron icon.

Diamonds, yellow, white, pink gold and blue hyceram

Small size


When the Quatre ring is made into a pendant, it swings gently at the end of a gold link chain. A talisman with four sparkles, yellow, pink and white gold, and now an azure flash of hyceram set with a sparkling diamond for you to keep close to your heart.

Round diamond, yellow, white, pink gold and blue hyceram


Like a jewelry-clasp sliding at will along a gorgeous gold chain, the Quatre motif boldly combines three necklaces in one: long necklace, choker and tie necklace. The current combination? A ring of yellow gold, a line of pink gold, a dazzling line of diamonds and a new bright blue hyceram circle, a cheeky denim-colored touch to shake up the collection’s iconic design.

12 diamonds, yellow, white, pink gold and blue hyceram

Small size



With its sparkle of azure set with a round diamond, the Quatre Blue necklace looks great with all shades of denim. After all, it did provide the inspiration for this new line! With the Quatre pendant, you could go for a sober total look, pants + shirt, or a jumpsuit gathered at the waist with a wide studded belt, just to play with the signature motifs of the collection. The finishing touch? A sweet jangle of Quatre bracelets to spice up this ode to blue.


Just like jeans, suiting any occasion, this sliding necklace offers a range of possibilities: slip it under the collar of a white shirt like a tie, wear it in the scoop neck of a bright blue sweater, let it caress your bare back in a sweater dress, or wear it as a long necklace with a simple fitted top.


This Boucheron icon shaken up by a dash of bright blue is an intense fusion of purity and a touch of folly, a safe bet for these times. Wear it with a ruffled silk blouse over high-waisted denim, a super-chic suit with white sneakers, or bring out the contrast between a sober straight jean and a baroque abundance of jewelry. Intense and discreet, this ring is just begging to flirt with the Quatre collection, to play with stacked bracelets or rings, to experiment with color variations for a totally graphic and distinctly contemporary look.


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