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In 1968, Serpent Bohème ushered in a spellbinding jewelry style of which it is still the star. With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape, and a chiseled body rippling beneath golden scales, over the years this motif has become a great classic in Boucheron’s repertoire. A wonderful demonstration of the expert craftsmanship of the Maison’s jewelers. Although over the last fifty years the motif has undergone some changes, leaving behind the precious drop crowned with gold beads, playing with materials and the ways in which it is worn, sometimes exchanging its diamond paving for a new set of colored stones - turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl -, its spirit has remained the same. Serpent Bohème has evolved from bracelet to ear jewelry, from ring to timepiece, and charming headband, but has always retained the aura of mystery that surrounds women of character. Choosing Serpent Bohème means choosing a powerful, protective talisman that embraces femininity. Just like the Boucheron woman. Serpent Bohème has panache, but is gentle, and it has never been so free.


Serpent Bohème three-motif turquoise ring

A light, seductive ring featuring three Serpent Bohème motifs. This lovely trio is composed of two little glowing yellow gold drops paved with diamonds, lit by a turquoise stone framed by gold beads.

Three-motif ring set with round diamonds and turquoise, in yellow gold


Serpent Bohème two-motif turquoise bracelet

Want to embrace some freedom? Softly flexible, this bangle bracelet wraps its twisted chain around the wrist. Slightly open, it doesn’t have a clasp so it can better reveal the Serpent Bohème signature motif: two radiant drops ringed with yellow gold beads. One is paved with diamonds while the other encases a stunning turquoise stone. A tête-à-tête sparkling with charm and elegance.

S motif bracelet set with round diamonds and turquoise, in yellow gold


Serpent Bohème turquoise earring

Two delicate drops of yellow gold whispering at your ear. One, a diamond-paved stud, the other like a dangle earring, in crisp turquoise. This ear jewel is sold singly, like a breath of fresh air.

Single stud earring S & XS motifs set with turquoise and round diamonds, in yellow gold



This spirited trio of turquoise, diamond and yellow gold loves sharp contrasts. When it comes to clothes to go with it, it’s best to stick to one colorful garment: a chunky-knit anise green sweater, an emerald-green blouse, a long raspberry-colored coat, or a poppy-red top. Summer or winter, any type of material, as long as the look is clean and generous.


A twisted bracelet, two drops of light and exquisite charm. That’s all you need to get your look. For the daytime, boyish jeans with a belt with a big golden buckle, a sleeveless linen top and a blazer rolled up at the sleeves. For the evening, a killer midnight blue dress enhanced by the radiant turquoise.


Like a ripple of color shimmering against your ear... Worn as a single jewel, it will spice up a romantic look with a long full skirt or a white lacy blouse. Worn as a pair, the turquoise shimmer of these earrings will add warmth to a subtle evening look.


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