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One day 160 years ago, Frédéric Boucheron and his jewelry master were playing with a peacock feather, both of them fascinated. It gave them the idea of creating a necklace, a flexible, free-form, airy piece of jewelry that would reproduce the delicate beauty of the bird's feather. The motif, a symbol of life and lightness, soon became iconic, fueling Boucheron's creativity and expert craftsmanship. Today, the Plume de Paon collection includes rings, ear jewelry and quivering pendants, enriched by new techniques specific to the Maison, such as enameling. The collection continues to come to life under the skilled touch of the jewelers, lending itself to the most challenging representations of fantasy and realism, with soft, flexible, chiseled strands that seem to come to life as the wearer moves.


Suspended from a finely wrought gold chain, a peacock feather encircling a rose-cut diamond rustles softly against the skin. It's as if it finds its subtle movement in its very form. This is because the enameling technique developed by the Boucheron workshops produces a highly fluid and stunningly realistic material. It's as if it's just waiting for a breath of air to come and move each of its strands.

Necklace set with one rose-cut diamonds, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold

These feathers quiver with all their strands. In yellow gold, with a rose-cut diamond eye, they flutter, soft, free, and sensitive to the slightest breath of air. It's as if nature were whispering in our ears.

Pendant earrings set with two rose-cut diamonds, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold


A rose-cut diamond for soft shimmer, strands of yellow gold for fluidity and the peacock feather comes to life around the finger, extending its curve up into the hand, as if to prolong its caress.

Like the iconic Question Mark necklace, this sensuous bracelet has been designed without clasps and links to curl naturally around the wrist. The flexible yellow gold feather encompasses a delicate rose-cut diamond. An ode to nature and freedom.

Ring set with one rose-cut diamond, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold

Bracelet set with one rose-cut diamond, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold


In pink or white gold and entirely paved with diamonds, this feather wraps itself tenderly around the finger. It is like a quivering bond and a loving union with nature.

Wedding band paved with diamonds on pink gold

Wedding band paved with diamonds on white gold


Two or three necklaces in one and a host of possibilities? Worn as it comes, the diamond-studded gold chain looks beautiful against a dark fine-knit sweater. Put an extra loop in it and it looks stunning with a double-breasted jacket. Add the swaying peacock feather to set off the V-neck of a sober cashmere sweater, light up a Parisian-style little black dress, or bring out the couture spirit of a silk pussycat bow worn loosely over high-waisted pants.


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