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Buccellati presents the new Opera Tulle


The iconic Opera collection lends itself to continuous and extremely amazing interpretations. The logo element becomes a true protagonist and is the centre of an ever pulsating and captivating creativity: Opera “Tulle” combines the tradition of ancient goldsmithing techniques with the originality and beauty of its design.

The collection includes rings, sautoirs, flexible and bangle bracelets, pendant and button earrings, presented in three different versions, but all having a common denominator: the radial tulle layer, which is the hallmark of most precious Buccellati creations.

The logo element is set with semi-precious stones (like onyx and mother-of pearl), or with coloured enamels, or even left unset to exalt the transparency and the lightness of the tulle workmanship. All versions are available with or without diamonds.

In particular, enamelling dates back to the goldsmithing tradition of the Greeks and Romans, but it develops in a decisive manner during the byzantine art, and starting from the 5th century it is used to decorate churches, cathedrals and domes, as well as cups, vessels and copper pitchers. In the 18th century. Then, we find refined enamel decorations on watches, cases and snuff boxes, up to the 19th and 20th century when, with exquisite decorative applications, we have noticeable famous evidences in the goldsmithing sector.

Buccellati revives the traditions of enameling and uses them to create a new decorative element, full of charm and elegance.

As in the past, gold is covered with a homogenous layer of enamel, successively cooked and fixed to the metal surface.

The tulle decoration, which is one of Buccellati’s signatures, enshrines the colored enamel and stones and brings an iconic touch. When it is left unset, it is the exaltation of its own beauty.

Opera Tulle is a collection with great personality and an unmistakable style, which faithfully reflects the prestige, elegance and femininity typical of each Buccellati piece that have made the brand synonymous with style and timeless beauty throughout the world.


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