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For Spring-Summer 2022, BY FAR explores its timeless attraction to the art world as a primary source of inspiration.

Decorative art is a fantasy of realities. The fashion accessory is never fully insulated from its practical purpose, though it presents as an object for aesthetical admiration. Bold statement pieces project a definitive image of ourselves. Whispers or screams, it is a language of expression that each of us colour for themselves.

Art has always been an essential to BY FAR’s visual dictionary. Expanding upon this interest and pushing its contemporary aesthetics forward, Spring-Summer ‘22 presents a careful study of the ever-evolving relationship between art and fashion.

Style statements born from the passionate examination of colours and textures carry an integral role in the collection. Striking shades of green, yellow, and pink contrast sharply with a sophisticated earthy palette, while new hologram disco prints and PVC animate the line-up.

Studs are a new addition to BY FAR’s material roster. Introduced for SS’22, they become part of the new logo stud detailing that decorates some of the iconic core styles of the brand.

The duality and paradox are further illustrated through blending conflicting textures and stylistics – day and evening, femininity and masculinity, natural and man-made are married to initiate new artistic possibilities.

Shoes are imagined in uniform - supergreen or acid yellow; insoles are inflated and cushioned; bags shrink or expand to unexpected sizes; oversized logo closures adorn miniature bags; studs inject rebellion into classic silhouette; gold- plated hardware complete PVC belts; buckles transform into decorative items, while straps invisibly close with Velcro fastenings. These are objects with the power to shift the space and mood around them.

Buckles remain strongly evident throughout the SS’22 collection. The hardware motif coordinated with shoes and bags recreates the idea of total looks within the new line-up.

Tonal styles make another definitive statement - from barely-there sandals to chunky platforms.

Designed to bring art and fashion closer, for SS’22 BY FAR draws a world of opposites, of apparent dissonance that through the creative lens refocuses into a unique statement.


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