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“It could all be so simple...” - Lauryn Hill

This season, BY FAR is made of stardust and glam. With clarity and understanding of the brand’s DNA, the collection is for a woman willing to experience the mystery our future holds.

It could all be so simple! Yet, our interdependence is now clearer than ever, our roots - intertwined. BY FAR is thriving in the depths of fashion’s archives, connecting east and west to reemerge with a true visual statement.

These are the colours of the age we live in!

As if all of time happens at once - stars explode, and Bowie will forever be!

These are the shapes that connect us, and these are the shoes that will walk us back to ourselves, returning to balance time and again.

It is in these bags we can carry all the complexities of our glorious being. It is a release BY FAR dreamt out for you.

No metaphysics - just simply driving a silver stingray in the middle of a desert.


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