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Christian Louboutin Loubimar Eau de Parfum Legere

Come aboard Christian Louboutin’s perfume universe. A world of surprises inspired by his own memories and dreams illustrated by Hélène Tran’s whimsical drawings.

This captivating scented journey saw the light in 2020 with a collection of 7 unisex fragrances. It was followed in 2021 by a voyage towards faraway destinations with 3 new eaux de parfum intenses all rooted in golden sunlight.

Today, the odyssey continues: this time, it has made a stop at his Portuguese fisherman's house. This haven of peace reveals a back garden overlooking the ocean. A heaven of light and waves, the designer's second home where his inspiration sparks.

« Portugal is one of my favorite places in the world. I go there every year to design my summer collections. The light, the people, the atmosphere and laid-back attitude inspire me enormously », says Christian Louboutin.

This is right there, off the coast of Alentejo that his vision for the new Eau de Parfum Légère Loubimar was born. A Citrus Floral salted by the Atlantic tides and signed by Caroline Dumur. Ready for a journey into the designer's mind?


Christian Louboutin picks the Loubimar eau de parfum légère from his Portuguese summer garden. A Floral Citrus bouquet with salty ocean notes.

Its splash of white flowers envelops you with a sensual foam of musk and tuberose. All topped with a freshness of lemon and tangerine.

Immerse your senses in its powerful mystery.


At the bottom of the sea, Christian Louboutin anchors his famous stilettos in the urchin of a hood bristling with spikes. Loubimar is there, at the edge of those heels, like a precious shell. Its red Louboutin sole is placed in the heart of the coral. The waves have polished the sheer pink glass of its iconic bottle.


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