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City Centre Rotana’s “Boston’s” launches it new menu

After evaluating the opinions of guests and visitors, City Centre Rotana’s “Boston’s” restaurant has revealed a new menu, carefully curated by the hotel’s talented chefs to provide an exceptional and unrivaled experience through the assortment of new exquisite items. 

Opening its doors daily from 12.30 pm till 2 am, “Boston’s” restaurant offers a unique and vibrant culinary journey, where guests can indulge in assortment of soups, starters, sliders, tacos and main courses consisting of meat, chicken and seafood.  In addition, diners can choose from a wide variety of sandwiches, desserts and drinks that live up to the aspirations of the restaurant’s visitors. To make dining more special, guests can enjoy their food while following the most important sporting events on multiple screens throughout the restaurant in a distinctive social and enthusiastic atmosphere. 

On this occasion, Sena Catak, Director of Marketing & Communications at City Centre Rotana Doha, said, “The American cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines globally when it comes to taste and variety, which increases the number of its fans. To add a unique experience for our guests, we have restructured the menu to include a variety of new dishes from different regions of the United States, in addition to specials appetizers, desserts and drinks without forgetting the great ambiance and atmosphere which makes the visit to “Boston’s” a memorable one”. 


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