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Liquidity is life and water is the most lively element constantly changing state, taking whatever possible form. The deeper one dives into its vastness, the more perceptions change: colours mutate fathom after fathom and life takes other silhouettes.

For Del Core beauty is not static, but the idea of empowered, bold femininity stays. Mutating and expanding in scope to address the dreamy as well as the metropolitan, the urban landscape and the fantasy world, the collection oozes strength and precision.

Shapes flow effortlessly on and around the body, or are taut and exact. The draping is balanced by the neat sharpness of tailoring: collarless jackets, flared pants, vests that liquefy in neckerchief hems. Knitted bodysuits draw a bodycon silhouette; skin peeks behind ribbons and slashes. Capes have couture grandness. Sculpted dresses mould around the figure like frozen weaves. Corals swarm as intricately beaded textures, or grow on the body like fragile vegetation. Transparency is paramount: the same one finds in the fauna of the abyss.

Harnesses add a seducing toughness which carries in the towering platforms with a nail in place of the heel, in the oversized studs shaped as earrings and headbands. Neatly shaped handbags look prim and proper in miniature size, capacious and pragmatic in the grand version.

The colour palette has a primary urge: it moves from red, yellow and green, to light blue, white and black, enhanced by the fluidity of silks, by the soft firmness on python leather, by the tautness of knit.

Del Core affirms mutation once again as the simplest, truest force of life.


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