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Desert Rose Restaurant — a multi-sensory dining experience to delight the tastebuds!

Qatar is known for its world-class restaurants that take guests on a tasting journey like no other, but some experiences cannot be beaten. That is exactly what the Desert Rose Restaurant offers its dinners: the ultimate tasting experience, fusing fine dining with luxury fashion.

Stepping into the Desert Rose feels like being transported to an eclectic world where Arabian-nights inspired furnishings blend effortlessly with European décor. The space has been beautifully finished, with painted walls and intricately designed mirrors that adorn the different sections in vibrant colors and designs. Gorgeous chandeliers hang from the ceilings, illuminating the sumptuous surroundings. Considerable care has been taken to select unique tables and chairs, and there's even a delightful velvet-covered hanging chair where you can take plenty of pictures to remember the special experience.

This elegant restaurant is divided into several sections. The business section provides the perfect location for meetings, the family section is ideal for enjoying a special meal with loved ones in less busy surroundings, and there’s also the regular dining area. The outdoor area is characterized by Arabian luster, high-class wooden tables and a sofa. Guests can enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of the Corniche while watching the world go by in Souq Waqif.

The fusion of East and West is also reflected in the food—a rich mix of classic Arabian dishes, Ukrainian cuisine, and European favorites. There’s truly something to suit everyone’s tastebuds, no matter what their food preferences are.

A few dishes deserve special mention. One of the restaurant’s most popular starters, which provides an authentic taste of Ukraine, is the traditional borscht soup—a beetroot-based soup, served with a herby green sauce and a bun. Other more familiar middle-eastern starters include fattoush salad and deep-fried halloumi sticks.

For the main course, the chicken biryani comes highly recommended; it’s a perfectly balanced, flavorful dish, which is served over a tray of dry ice—the smoke wafting across the table lends it a mystical feel. Combining Ukrainian and Arabian spices, the mixed grill is an innovative delight, and is served with crispy french fries, a tangy tomato bread, salad, and a creamy smooth garlic sauce.

At the Desert RoseRestaurant, it’s not just those with a sweet tooth that’ll find it hard to resist dessert! The choices on offer are too tantalizing to ignore. From the traditional Arabian offerings such as, soft, crunchy kounafa, to the light and fluffy Ukrainian cheese pancakes called syrnyky that are perfectly complemented by cream and jam, (not to mention the Napoleon cake), there’s something to tempt everyone.

A meal at the Desert Rose is not complete without an expertly brewed coffee. There are many types to choose from, but the Royal Belgian coffee experience is not to be missed. Made using the Belgian Balancing Syphon coffee maker, which ensures the coffee is brewed to its pure aromatic best, the result is worth waiting for. A delightful pick-me-up to round off a fabulous meal.

A pioneering bit of tech being used is the “Call Waiter” gadget. Each table is provided with a device with which they can call the waiter at the push of a button. The devices are paired with special watches worn by the waiters, so you can avoid the awkwardness of trying to catch your server’s attention. It also means you won’t be unnecessarily disturbed by a waiter. And when you’re ready to go, simply press the “bill” button!

At the Desert Rose Restaurant, it seems they’ve thought of every possible way to ensure a magical dining experience, from the attention to detail on display in the décor, to the carefully chosen menu and innovative service; this ideally located jewel in the Corniche is well worth a visit.


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