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Em Sherif Restaurant

Located in Doha’s ultimate luxury dining and entertainment hotspot in Al Maha Island, Em Sherif Restaurant, the contemporary Lebanese dining venue, has crafted an exclusive menu for the Qatari market of enticing unique Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant’s traditional Arabic menu, which evokes cherished memories of homemade flavors, offers guests a top-tier dining experience every day from 01:00PM until midnight.

Situated in a captivating location, the restaurant unfolds tales of elegance and opulence at every corner. Its splendid position offers panoramic views across the bay to Lussail in Al Maha Island, while its sleek interior design adds to the allure, providing an exquisite backdrop for an enjoyable dining experience. Amidst this captivating setting, guests can relish the award-winning flavors and tantalizing dishes that have captivated some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, infusing the atmosphere with culinary excellence that leaves an indelible mark.

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The distinctive menu at Em Sherif restaurant Doha boasts an exceptional variety of appetizers, showcasing a selection of tempting options, including cold mezzes like Samke Nayye, Kibbeh Nayye, Labneh & Makdous, Tabbouleh, and Fattoush. Additionally, the hot mezzes offer exquisite choices such as Wagyu Hummus embellished with sautéed Wagyu beef, Wagyu Ras Asfour, Wagyu Shawarma Chicken, Fattet Fatayer - spinach-filled pastries in yogurt and tomato sauce, and Mutabbal Kreidis featuring prawns.Bottom of Form Moving to the main course, three exceptional and flavorful dishes take center stage. The Caviar Moghrabiyeh boasts a delightful blend of fresh cream, lemon, caviar, and moghrabiyeh. The Mushroom Moghrabiyeh features sautéed mushrooms combined with creamy moghrabiyeh and truffle. Not to be missed is the Kharouf w Freekeh, designed for sharing between two, presenting slow-cooked milk-fed Australian lamb steak accompanied by vegetables.

To conclude the dining experience on a rich note, the irresistible Maamoul Jibneh drizzled with syrup and the Osmaliyeh paired with creamy ashta ice cream promise a harmonious symphony of delightful flavors, leaving taste buds tingling with pure delight. Guests can also enjoy their meals with delectable mocktails like the Virgin Mojito and Lychee Splash, alongside a selection of cocktails including classics such as the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, and Aperol Spritz, to name a few. The restaurant also offers a premium selection of juices, soft drinks, wines, hot beverages, and an assortment of shisha flavors.

Set in the heart of Beirut in 2011, Em Sherif, which translates to "the mother of Sherif" in Arabic, embodies a rich, refined, and versatile Lebanese appetizing experience, made with genuine care and purpose. Founded by Mireille Hayek, the restaurant aims to evoke the comforting essence of a mother's homemade meals. Renowned for her culinary passion and unwavering commitment, Mireille Hayek stands as a revered figure within Lebanese and Arab societies. Her dedication to the art of cooking and the fulfillment of her clientele is widely acknowledged.

With a desire for infusing traditional Arabic recipes with her own distinctive flair, she creates dishes that are both unique and unforgettable. Mireille epitomizes the qualities of a passionate, skilled, and meticulous individual, devoting the majority of her time orchestrating the restaurant's operations. Alongside her, Yasmina Hayek, her daughter and the Executive Chef of the globally acclaimed Em Sherif concepts play a pivotal role in maintaining the restaurant's international presence and culinary excellence. Following the launch of Em Sherif restaurant, Hayek and her team have expanded their ventures to include highly prosperous establishments such as Em Sherif Café, Em Sherif Sea Café, and Em Sherif Deli concepts.

Em Sherif operates across a global landscape with 20 restaurants spanning 13 diverse locations. Among these, Em Sherif Restaurant holds a prominent presence in prestigious venues apart from Al Maha Island in Doha, such as Kuwait's Palms Hotel, Damascus at the Four Seasons Hotel, Monte-Carlo's Hotel de Paris, and London's Harrods. Meanwhile, Em Sherif Café delights guests at prime locations including Manzil Downtown next to Viva la Vida in Dubai and West Bay in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh's The Zone, Qatar's Millennium Hotel in Al Sadd, The Avenues Mall in Kuwait, as well as two sites in Egypt, and in Baghdad. Recently, the brand has also opened in Jordan and its presence extends to the Avenues Mall in Bahrain and another branch at the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi with Em Sherif Sea Cafe. Em Sherif’s upcoming impressive expansion plans include launches in cities such as Ivory Coast, Oman, and KSA.


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