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Experience Ballet Like Never Before as Velaa Private Island Welcomes an All-Star Cast This February

Heaven On Earth, a week-long schedule of activities and ballet performances debuts at one of the world’s top five private islands

Ballet dancers from some of the world’s top troupes will host a week-long schedule of activities and performances as part of the Velaa ballet week, Heaven on Earth, during February in Maldives’ most exclusive private island, Velaa Private Island. Stars including San Francisco Ballet’s Julian Kay and Mariinsky Theater’s Xander Parish, will host an exciting array of events from workshops and masterclasses to shows under the stars and on the beach.

Families including children can take part in ballet stretching, private sessions taught by ballet masters and lectures on the history of ballet. Running from 8-14 February, the main performances will take place on 10 and 12 February with two world-class ballet performances curated by Julian MacKay and Xander Parish.

Alena Kovaleva from the Bolshoi Ballet, Christine Shevchenko from the American Ballet Theater and Katja Khaniukova from the English National Ballet, are amongst the big-name cast.

“We are very excited to bring such a talented line-up at the resort, offering something truly unique for our guests,” said Michal Smejc, General Manager, Velaa Private Island. “Cultural shows play a big part of our calendar now and we strive to diversify these offerings all the time. Our spectacular setting would be a magical environment to host this ballet festival.”

Last year, the resort, one of the world’s top five private islands, hosted world-class talent including British singer Beverley Knight, French band Charly’s Angels, and as the grand finale of 2020, a festival of performing arts, The Legend of Shambhala.

“Travellers today are looking for unique experiences which they cannot find elsewhere,” added Mr Smejc, “and by combining travel and entertainment, it is the perfect way to give guests this more comprehensive experience. For many people, they feel they have not only missed out on travel since the pandemic, but also the beauty of the performing arts which has suffered much like travel.”

Heaven on Earth fits perfectly into the resort’s ethos, where active adventure is at guests’ fingertips. From water sports to golf, climbing and tennis, guests can keep active during their stay, or learn new skills.

“We find that our guests enjoy having activities while they are here whether it is a long-held passion or the chance to try something new,” said Mr Smejc, “so we are sure that adults and our little guests alike will love the activities we have lined up for February.”

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