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High jewelry brand Boghossian are showcasing a number of exclusive pieces on FARFETCH through the first-time use of a 3D viewer for fine jewelry, via innovation partner Threedium. Marrying centuries-old practices with innovative techniques, Boghossian crafts its sought-after diamonds and precious gemstone designs in a uniquely modern way. As the latest pieces arrive on FARFETCH, Roberto Boghossian shares the story behind the Maison’s one-of-a-kind approach.

“Each of our signature pieces is designed around gemstones of singular beauty and rarity. Drawing on generations of expertise, our goal is to enhance nature’s greatest treasures by setting them into distinctive designs. We reimagine ancient practices and call on cutting-edge technology to create jewelry that defies convention.”

“Boghossian is synonymous not only with gemstones, but with originality of design. The Art of Inlay is our first signature technique, where gemstones are carved and set into one another; our kissing technique sees two gemstones embrace each other; and our Marseilles design celebrates the wonder of light.”

- Roberto Boghossian



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