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Fifty One East and VAIO® Announce the Availability of VAIO®Z

Fifty One East and VAIO® Announce the Availability of VAIO®Z

World’s First Contoured Carbon Fiber Laptop

Fifty One East, Qatar’s favorite department store, together with Japan’s VAIO®, a leader in innovative technology, has announced the availability of the new VAIO®Z, the first 3-D molded, carbon fiber laptop in the world.

Customers can now pre-order the new laptop from FNAC at Lagoona Mall or Doha Festival City, and Modern Home at Al Maha Center and get it within 6 weeks. The laptop comes with a 3-year warranty and is priced at QAR 17,599.

VAIO® is the first company in the world to successfully mass-produce a 3-D molded, carbon fiber laptop with the Uni-direction carbon fiber. Using technology only previously available to the car racing industry, molded carbon fiber makes the new VAIO®Z lighter at just under 1kg^. Moreover, with all-around carbon fiber protection, the VAIO®Z offers exceptional toughness and is turbocharged with unprecedented speed. In fact, the new VAIO®Z features the same powerful processing speed previously only found in the PCs of the most demanding fields.

Although previously gaining popularity, mobile computing has never been more essential. With more professionals and students having to work and collaborate remotely these days, their mobile computing needs have increased.

Of course, there are inherent risks with mobility as seen with mobile phone usage, for example. Everyone is well acquainted with the challenge of keeping mobile devices from getting damaged and now, more so with laptops. Both have become indispensable investments that make work, learning and connecting socially possible. So, when they are damaged, it can disrupt users’ needs.

The new VAIO®Z was designed for today’s mobile computing needs. The VAIO®Z’s lighter yet more durable design makes mobility less cumbersome, more practical and safer for work and learning needs.

No more having to carry a heavy laptop from place to place or even room to room. No more worrying that this valued work partner and learning tool will get damaged, and no more worrying about securing your privacy.

The VAIO®Z offers incredible power through 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H series processors and new Intel® integrated graphics on its 14-inch, high-def 4k LCD panel.

Additional features include crystal clear sound with Dolby Audio speakers. No more struggling to hear teammates or teachers on video conferencing calls.

Camera shutter and mic mute shortcuts for privacy, 180-degree open/close screen for easy collaboration and increased battery life to keep you connected for hours.

Plus, the VAIO®Z will get to know you. It is VAIO® User Sensing engineering that combines human sensing technology and biometrics to make the VAIO®Z a truly personal experience. The VAIO®Z uses face authentication to log you in when you are seated before it, and it keeps you logged as long as you are seated in front of it. No more having to remember your password or worrying someone will use it. When you are away, it locks automatically to secure your privacy.

VAIO has developed a unique process of working with carbon fiber to achieve beautifully contoured lines and the flexible molding of carbon fiber, which was previously difficult to mass-produce. The achievement of harnessing carbon fiber's full potential of lightness and durability is both revolutionary and evolutionary as we continue looking ahead. With this evolution, the new VAIO®Z offers exceptional performance, lightness, endurance, now with true ruggedness, and without compromise, all converging into one elegant design. With VAIO®Z as our flagship model, we hope it is the start of VAIO®’s future array of laptop PC developments.

VAIO®Z Launch Event Link:

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