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FILORGA - Two Proven Solutions to Instantly Revive Your Skin

Get the New Year glow with this pampering duo from FILORGA

With all the frolicking of the holiday season and the stresses of re-adjusting to the work climate of 2021, it’s no surprise that our skin has borne the brunt of it all. Furthermore, lack of sleep and the chilly weather can add to the aggressions on your skin which include dark circles, puffiness around the eyes, and the resulting dull complexion. The good news is that with the right treatment you can quickly bring life back into your skin.

FILORGA, an expert in aesthetic medicine since 1978, invites you to restore the beauty and freshness of your skin with Optim-Eyes Eye Contour and Hydra-Filler Mask, the ultimate skin-pampering duo that will help you to achieve that rejuvenated, New Year glow.


FILORGA’s star formula for the eyes gets a cool boost! This triple action product has become the brand’s best-seller over the last 10 years. The boosted Optim-Eyes now offers a more powerful formula that contains a totally new complex: Melaton-Eyes Technology which enhances its action on the signs of skin fatigue, targeting dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles in a single step. The bottle can also be refrigerated for an even more soothing application.


This express treatment brings together in a mask all the benefits of HYDRA-FILLER, FILORGA’s leading moisturising cream transformed into an ultra-powerful serum. Drenched in hyaluronic acid, this superconcentrated infusion mask also contains a combination of NMF-Like complex and aloe vera which actively moisturises and plumps the skin in record time. The innovative fiber mask boasts a skin-like fiber technology that perfectly adheres to the curves of the face to boost the absorbtion of the active ingredients.

Filorga’s OPTIM-EYES and HYDRA-FILLER are available for purchase at leading pharmacies including Bin Sina Pharmacies, Boots Pharmacies, Planet Pharmacies, Health First Pharmacies and Community Pharmacies.


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