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FOREO tips to enjoy spa treatment right in your home

With foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and frigid nights, FOREO knows your skin is going through alot. For 2021, set your sets on silky smooth skin from the comfort of your own home. FOREO has come to your aid with ways to bring spa quality treatment right to your home. With the UFO 2, UFO mini 2 and the Farm To Face Masks, you can skip your next spa appointments and experience the same award-winning beauty-tech treatment celebrities enjoy, at the comfort of your (safe) home.

For those on the move, the UFO 2 range is the perfect travel accessory to take on board to keep your skin fresh and plump. Say goodbye to the harsh cabin air that drains your skin of its usual glow thanks to the compact, carry-friendly sized UFO!

Busy working weeks means you might want to stay home most of the weekend and unwind. This is where FOREO comes to the rescue with the UFO 2 and Farm To Face masks. The UFO 2 and UFO mini 2 offer a luxury spa treatment experience right in your home, in a safe environment and only need to be purchased once. You don’t have to let inclement weather get your skin down. The UFO 2 is a spa-quality sonic-powered mask that promises fewer wrinkles and more glow - perfect to bring life back into your skin!

FOREO breaks down the ways UFO 2, UFO mini 2 & Face To Face Masks are superior to spas:

LED Light Therapy

UFO devices work by using T-sonic pulsations combined with LED light therapy to create the ultimate facial treatment all in 90 seconds or less. The UFO invites you to embrace the light with a wide range of eight different LED lights that targets a specific skin care concern:

Red targets fine lines, wrinkles and general signs of aging. Blue LED light stops breakouts, inflamed acne and scarring in their steps and minimizes oil production. Green helps to even out skin tone, brightens dull complexion and fades dark spots, circles and hyperpigmentation. White light tightens the skin, reduces puffiness and stimulates the skin’s natural glow. Purple light eliminates toxins, boosts radiance and speeds up the healing process. To combat sun damage and achieve a healthy glow, orange light is the optimal setting. For sunburns, rosacea and swelling, yellow LED light works to restore the skin’s natural texture. Lastly, cyan light is the anti-inflammatory function that calms the skin down and promotes healthy healing while blocking pain.

Thermo and Cryo-Therapy

The UFO 2 cooling functions work by shrinking pores and reducing puffiness. Using the heating function, the UFO 2 and the UFO mini 2 helps to stimulate a radiant look by eliminating sebum from the surface of the skin. The LED therapy helps to combate signs of aging by banishing dark circles and boost collagen production.

Targeted Mask Treatment

The Farm To Face masks that are compatible with the UFO 2 are designed with a plush microfiber effect that is steeped in premium plant extracts that boosts the at-home spa experience. They pair perfectly with the UFO 2 in their ability to penetrate the skin and produce a deeply moisturizing facial treatment using one of 6 different face masks. The Green Tea, Bulgaarian Rose, Coconut Oil, Acai Berry and Manuka Honey masks each target individual skin types. Green Tea is a purifying mask targeting combination skin, Bulgarian Rose transforms dry skin, Coconut Oil is ultra hydrating for dehydrated skin, Acai Berry fights anti-aging to reveal plump and youthful skin and the Manuka Honey mask helps to smooth dry and rough skin.

All of this at the comfort of your living room - no need to book an appointment, clear your schedule or battle traffic with FOREO!

The new UFO-activated Farm to Face Collection is now available at Sephora Middle East for AED 115 and includes 6 masks. The UFO 2 is available exclusively at for AED 1280 and the UFO mini 2 for AED 850.


● Farm to Face: Green Tea (pack of 6): AED 115

● Farm to Face: Bulgarian Rose (pack of 6): AED 115

● Farm to Face: Coconut Oil (pack of 6): AED 115

● Farm to Face: Acai Berry (pack of 6): AED 115

● Farm to Face: Manuka Honey (pack of 6): AED 115


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