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With Eid just around the corner, many are busy organizing what to buy their loved ones to show how much they mean to them. Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO have curated a glowing gift guide to help you find the perfect present for your friends and family.

The Swedish beauty and wellbeing brand have long been known for its innovative products which are committed to making people around the world feel like the best version of themselves, inside and out. What a better gift to give your loved ones this Eid than the gift of self-confidence and love.

LUNA 3 (AED 1000)

This facial cleansing and firming massager redefines the meaning of a perfect cleanse. No matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands, they’ll never get your face as clean, firm and smooth as the LUNA 3. From oily, to sensitive, to everything in between, there is a LUNA 3 suitable for every skin type. With T-Sonic pulsations at 16 different intensities, the LUNA 3 will blast away any dirt, oil and makeup residue in only 60 seconds.

LUNA mini 2 (AED 690)

Alternatively, try the LUNA mini 2. A smaller alternative to the LUNA 3, the LUNA mini 2 is perhaps best for the younger people in your life. With soft silicone brushes, the LUNA mini 2 has eight different intensities meaning you can dial up or tone down your cleanse, making it a customized experience that matches your unique skin. Use this device two times a day for one minute and you’ll have a complexion everyone will be talking about. All you have to do is click, cleanse and glow!


Glow back in time with FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum, a micro-capsule infused formula which ensures that your skin will be nourished with youth-preserving antioxidants. Guaranteed to give lock in the moisture on your skin, your complexion will appear softer, smoother and super-hydrated. Pair this with the LUNA 3’s firming massage mode and your skin will look better than ever.

UFO (AED 1000)

A smart mask treatment that brings the spa to you. A spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own home, which only takes 90 seconds? Could the UFO get any better? The UFO uses different Korean mask formulas to cover all of your skin care needs. Using both cooling and heating techniques, the device infuses the nourishing mask ingredients into the skin so that your complexion gets the most out of every treatment.

Get gorgeous skin in seconds, with a range of UFO-Activated Masks. Choose from different masks depending on the time of day and your skin type, such as: Make My Day, Call It A Night and Shimmer Freak masks. Now being sold in cost effective bundles, pick and choose which masks are best for you. The masks are the perfect companion for the UFO when buying for your loved ones this Eid.

Look no further, the buying stress of Eid is over. Give your loved ones, or even yourself (we won’t judge), the gift of self-confidence and love.

FOREO is available in-store at Sephora across The Middle East, as well as Sephora online and

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