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Galeries Lafayette Doha launches new campaign, Pantone - The Exploration of Colors

Galeries Lafayette Doha, the legendary Parisian Department Store in Qatar, has launched its unique new campaign, Pantone - The Exploration of Colors, and the 2019 autumn/ winter shades have completely taken over the store. 

Escalating the idea of ‘retailtainment’, the campaign has created a fashion-meets-art-meets-experience, driving creative minds to explore the color scheme.

The campaign, which will run from October until the end of November 2019, offers visitors a chance to experience a multi-sensory scheme that explores our relationship with color and also the specific effects color has with regard to our wellbeing.

Four animated ‘Experience’ Zones spread across the department store allows one to explore, embrace and dissect seasonal color trends, helping the viewer understand their significance and origin.

The Large Paint Monster on the ground floor of the store is a futuristic approach to visually depict the fusion of creativity and fashion. The art installation not only includes the key pantones of the season but also an animated, interactive screen with a tech twist.

At the Color Meditation Chamber on the first floor, you are guided through a series of color visualizations, a powerful tool in meditation, to tune into different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Color Trend Cube is a life-size Rubik's Cube that visually emphasizes the colors of the season.

The Color Lab is the most colorfully interesting part of the campaign created by Galeries Lafayette Doha in collaboration with one of the world's leading paint manufacturers, Jotun Paints. This color bar offers a menu fresh off the runways of the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’19 collection, which you can mix together to create your favorite color for your walls or furniture and take it home for free!

“Our products as more than just paint. They are colors born from different stories. They are not just collections, but inspiration. The Color Lab will give a chance to Galeries Lafayette visitors to explore the beauty of their new winter collection colors, tinted live in one of our latest luxurious finish products (Fenomastic Wonder wall)” said Shashi Kumar, Country Manager of Jotun paints Qatar.

Excited about the campaign, Head of Visual Merchandising of Galeries Lafayette Doha Kevin Gerard Pender said: “At Galeries Lafayette we are always trying to take our customers beyond the retail experience. The Pantone - The Exploration of Colors campaign is a revelation. It highlights the power of colors and how it directly influences the soul. We want our customers to explore and experience the dazzling hues that the season boasts of.” 

Visit Galeries Lafayette Doha at 21 High st, Katara Cultural Village and explore the world of colors as well as the latest collection arrivals!


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